Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The New Media Purpose

If you read conservative webzines, you undoubtedly read American Thinker. Today my latest piece, Handicapped Candidates Only, headlined this morning. Regardless of your opinion of the piece, it's fair to say that one of the greatest resources the internet provides are alternate news outlets. During a day and age when major newspapers such as the NY Times, LA Times and San Francisco Chronicle report with a blatant left wing bias, the public desperately needs information provided with a different perspective. The fact that your brilliant blogger has to be the one asking the questions (in the piece) that should of been asked by the mainstream press during the primary campaign is a sad reflection of modern day journalism.

Publications such as American Thinker, New Media Journal, Townhall and Chronwatch not only provide news and commentary from a conservative perspective, they serve as a watchdog, exposing the dangerous biases of network news coverage and the hateful anti-American / anti-Semitic propaganda from CNN and BBC.

With most positives, there is a negative side. The new media has increased the political divide in America as well as the rest of the world. It does provide easy access to those who promote hate and intolerance. Personally I believe it has become the power source of the Progressive movement within the Democratic Party. Blogs such as Daily Kos and movements such as have hijacked the Democratic Party.

The bottom line is in a world of CNN, CBS and the NY Times, I'm glad we have the webzines and bloggers to ask the important questions. Someone better because it won't come from David Gregory or Wolf Blitzer.



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