Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 8/15/06

Peace My Ass

I am not going to criticize the government of Israel for their decision to accept a cease-fire plan from the United Nothings. I will never claim to be an expert on military strategy and neither should anyone else who has not been formally trained in warfare and I'm not talking about 6 weeks at a military basic training camp. For whatever reason Israel decided now was not the time to continue fighting and destroy Hezbollah. However, Israel and the Bush administration are well aware that the current cease-fire will not solve a damn thing. Iran and Syria know that once Israel is out of southern Lebanon, they will be able to re-arm and re-deploy Hezbollah and do so clearly in front of the UN and Lebanese forces with know adverse action taken against them.

Once Israel is attacked by whatever means from southern Lebanon; the Olmert government will have to respond with a devastating offensive that will make the recent attacks in Lebanon look like a walk in the park. The only way to prevent this from happening in the future is if the government of Lebanon take the necessary action to rid themselves of the cancer known as Hezbollah. Considering that high ranking Lebanese officials are members of Hezbollah, this will not happen. The recent war with Hezbollah isn't over, it's really just beginning.

Wallace and Ahmadinejad
These two should of got a room

I hope we now understand the Iranian President. He really isn't a bad guy, he's very concerned about Americans in prison and health care. He doesn't really want to see Israel wiped off the map just have the Jewish State placed elsewhere. It was like hearing the talking points written by Air-America and Talk Left radio hosts. Most of who Ahmadinejad hopes to exterminate by restarting the Holocaust. I can go on and on, but instead just check out this nice piece by Bernard Goldberg in the Wall Street Journal and this great editorial by the brilliant Dennis Prager.

The Shameful Silence of Media
Right Wing Radio and Blogs expose hatred toward Israel and Jews

Chances are you picked up a newspaper or read a mainstream media website and read nothing about the hatred spewed on the streets of San Francisco this past Saturday. An anti-America, anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rally took place to show support for Hezbollah and literally threaten the existence of the Jewish people. Luckily right-wing bloggers and radio hosts exposed these monsters for who they are and told the world.

The truth is that the major networks and newspapers don't want you to know the hatred that engulfs the far-left in America. They want you to believe that the supporters of terrorists and the anti-Israel movement have a moral equivalence to the supporters of Israel and America. This rally and the hate that was preached should of been the front page story of every major newspapers Sunday edition as well as the major networks and cable news channels. However it was not to be found.

The San Francisco Chronicle (hometown paper) did have an article that grossly under emphasized the pure hate leveled by the anti-Israel protestors. It also did not publish any photos that truly demonstrates the suggested violence against Jews. If the Holocaust happened again it wouldn't make the network news, it would simply be in the newspaper obituaries

Colmes May Still Be Jewish

For sometime I believed that Liberal pundit Alan Colmes had turned in his mothers recipe for Gefilte Fish and was no longer considering himself Jewish. You can't blame me for thinking that way, Colmes defends Israel as often as he defends Pat Robertson. Recently he and co-host Alan Colmes, interviewed former Cynthia McKinney communications director, Coz Carson. Colmes does a respectable job of exposing anti-Semitism instead of covering it up. Maybe there is hope for Colmes, so for now he can have a second Matzoh Ball in his soup.



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