Friday, August 18, 2006

Shabbat Shalom 24 Av 5766

3500 UN Troops to Lebanon
France Only Sending 400...Probably a good thing

Lead by Bangladesh with 2000 troops, that's right Bangladesh (George Harrison would be proud), theUN peacekeeping force to Lebanon currently stands at 3500. France has only pledged 400 troops, which is a good thing since that means there will only be 400 inept assholes to assist Hezbollah in stockpiling weapons. UN Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown, the schmuck who called Iran a stabilizing force in the Middle East, stated that troops need to be in place within 10 days to assist the Lebanese army. I must give Brown credit. He's only giving Iran and Syria two full weeks to re-arm Hezbollah. Reports are already coming in claiming Iran has already started re-supply Hezbollah. When I read this my first response was...No Shit Einstein! More shocking is they are using channels through Syria to do their dirty work. Duh! Also recently reported, Hezbollah used Russian made anti-tank missiles to kill over a hundred Israeli soldiers. Hmmmmm, Russia sells weapons to Iran and can do the math. The whole situation sucks.

I hope your wrong
Is this the beginning of the end for Israel?

My uncle Abraham Miller has written another brilliant commentary. I agree with too much of it and since reading the piece, I have been bothered by it's logic. It's a must read and a wake up call and reality check for Jews world-wide.

Ten Years Too Late

Al Sharpton is in Indianapolis addressing National Association of Black Journalists. He is complaining about the "Gangster Mentality" that has had a negative influence within the black community. No Kidding Al. Tupac Shakur was murdered ten years ago and Notorious B.I.G. met the same fate 6 months later. However, now you are speaking up. WTF!

Prayers for Recovery

I ask everyone to pray for my good friend David Groshoff's mother as she recovers from recent surgery. God Bless you Mrs. Groshoff.



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