Monday, August 07, 2006

Keeping It Real

The Face of Terror

I strongly encourage all my readers, especially those who are still trying to understand the true evil of Islamic extremism, to read the latest commentary by Abraham Miller. Many of you know that Abe is my Uncle and has been a great inspiration to me as a writer. Abe has been an authority on Terrorism decades before 9/11. His writings continue to show his brilliance.

More Trouble for Blagojevich

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Blago appointee to the Teachers' Retirement System pension and Health Facilities Planning Board, Stuart P. Levine, has been cooperating with Federal investigators and consulting with plea agreement attorney. It is unclear exactly what Levine is doing for the Feds, but chances are he's not planning the governors next birthday party. Election day is 3 months away, can an indictment be forthcoming?

Babytalk Cover controversy

When God created woman, his decision to give her breasts was not primarily for a sexual nature. Every rational thinking person knows that breasts main purpose is provide nourishment for newborn babies. Personally I don't believe that any laws should be made to forbid woman from breast-feeding in public places. Baby is hungry, baby gotta eat. That does not mean I don't get squeamish when a woman publicly feeds her child and does not take any measures to cover herself up. However, that is my problem not hers.

The current cover of Babytalk magazine shows a baby nursing on a breast. The photo is extremely tasteful, featuring the child with a side view of the breast. However, apparently some people have been terribly offended by this photo. One mother from Texas who didn't like the cover explains she was concerned about her 13-year-old son seeing it. "I shredded it," said Gayle Ash, 41, of Belton, Texas. "A breast is a breast--it's a sexual thing." No you sexually repressed redneck, it's only a sexual thing when you and your significant want it to be in private. As far as your 13 year old son. Check under his mattress and you'll find a few adult oriented magazines with the pages stuck together. That is also a very natural act.

Lets focus people. Hezbollah backed by Syria and Iran is trying to create a new Holocaust, Baghdad is in turmoil and genocide is still happening in Darfur. A breast supplying the milk of life to a baby on a magazine cover is offending people. WTF! We should be celebrating life and be grateful we live in a country that doesn't censor such a cover. In the Islamic world, copies of the magazine would be burned, while the editor and female owner of the boob would be thrown in the fire as well. Grow up people.



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