Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 8/22/06

Foie Gras Protest

Today the city of Chicago ban on Foie Gras went into effect. To back track, the city council of Chicago banned the sale of fattened liver of a duck or goose due to the supposed inhumane treatment of these animals, who are forced fed with a tube to plump up their liver. If your a animal rights activist, I'm with you on fur and clubbing baby seals, but the animal will be eaten anyway, so what if they can get an extra few servings out of the liver. As a member of PETA (people eating tasty animals), I believe the law is stupid. However, who am I kidding? I can't afford to eat this French crap to begin with and if I could I rather spend less money and go to Fogo De Chao.

The fact that the city of Chicago actually took the time to make a law banning a food is ludicrous. Then again, Chicago is considering banning certain fats from being used in cooking at restaurants. I guess a city engulfed with political corruption, children getting shot in the streets and high school kids who can't read, should be spending time outlawing duck liver and Trans fats.

Bush and GOP...The comeback kids?

You won't see stories about it in mainstream press, but Dubya and the GOP congress have recently made a significant comeback in the polls. USA Today & CNN (not friends of Bush) have the President's approval number up to 42%, while Rasmussen has the figure at 43%. More significant is the Dem/GOP congressional difference is down to 2%! It had been in the low teens. We are still over 2 months away from the mid term elections, which means anything can happen. However, that also means George and the kids can possibly drive that number higher.

Bush and GOP higher numbers can be attributed to the thwarted London attacks, Bush support fore Israel in the recent war and the Democrats proving they are weak on defense by ousting Lieberman in Connecticut. It should be noted that as the media continues to portray Iraq as a civil war, the President's numbers can plummet. It is important that the administration not only make significant progress in Iraq, but can also convince the public they are doing so. It also helps the GOP when the Dems campaign against Wal-Mart, which undoubtedly is America's favorite store.

Don't forget the GOP is now outraising the Dems and we all know money talks.

Iran ready for serious negotiations
Cubs Win World Series!

With the exception of Jimmy Carter, Noam Chomsky and the Progressive left, everyone knows when Tehran talks about negotiations they are really talking about bullshitting the world for a time to take some heat off. Meanwhile they continue developing nuclear technology. Even the oil markets didn't react with great enthusiasm about Iran wanting to talk. Nobody knows better than the markets.



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