Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesdays With Paulie 8/8/06

Bigotry and Hate
Not just for right-wingers anymore

Former special counsel to President Clinton, Lanny Davis, has an editorial in today's Wall Street Journal that is a must read, especially for my friends on the left who refuse to believe hate exists on the left. The opinion piece is based on Davis experiences campaigning for Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT), over the past few months. He always believed that hate was a product of the right, but he admits he is wrong and explains why.

Recently I addressed the Lieberman/Lamont race, but never brought up the anti-Semitic angle. I didn't believe that in a state such as Connecticut, Jew-hatred would be fueling the anti-Lieberman movement. My opinion began changing when Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton campaigned for Lamont. Those two wouldn't miss an opportunity to take down a Jew. After reading the Davis Op-Ed, it did sink in that anti-Semitism was playing a role in the anti-Lieberman efforts. The hate isn't coming from Connecticut voters, but the anti-war and Progressive movement, which is engulfed in disdain for Israel and the pro-Israel lobby. This is of course the evil entity behind defeating Lieberman. We will learn later tonight if they were successful.

Defeating Hate in Georgia

While we are on the subject of hate, the pride and joy of the Profressive left, Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), will learn her fate today. Polls have her down double digits going into today's primary run-off against Hank Johnson. A McKinney defeat could only be described as Good over Evil. Let's Hope!

Is that a wire in your pants!

Chicago Sun-Times columnist, Michael Sneed, claims sources are telling her that indicted attorney and businessman Stuart Levine, wore a wire the past 11 months. Exactly who is on the tapes is still unknown, but since his indictment involves the governor's office...I will leave it at that.


The UN building in New York City should be turned into section 8 housing.



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