Sunday, July 12, 2009

Liberal Jews and Self Destruction

Your brilliant blogger is handing the pages of Paulies Point to Abraham H. Miller or as my readers affectionately know him as, Uncle Abe. The pride and joy of the California Jewish community has just published two brilliant and controversial articles in Pajamas Media and American Thinker that will certainly anger many, especially those in the Jewish community who believe the Messiah has come and his name is Barack Obama.

I am also proud to announce that within the upcoming weeks, Abe and I will publish our first collaborative article. Also, your brilliant blogger has a small bit part in a soon to be released video on Health Care Rationing.

Right now it's time for some thought provoking reading...

Obama still polls high among American Jews,
despite his history-twisting and anti-Israel stand.
By Abraham H. Miller

The difference between radical Muslims and liberal American Jews is that the former seek to become martyrs, while the latter aspire to become victims. In an ironic twist of fate, radical Muslims and liberal American Jews were made for each other.

This ideological symbiosis is sufficient to give pause to the presence of intelligent design. But like all things that seem to emanate from a higher power, there is a paradoxical twist. It is not themselves that liberal American Jews want to sacrifice on the altar of victimhood; it is their Israeli brethren.

Continue reading at Pajamas Media

Rachel Corrie Meets Horst Wessel at SF's Jewish Film Festival
By Abraham H. Miller

Rachel Corrie was the naïve Marxist and International Solidarity Movement member who went into Gaza to put her body on the line to keep open tunnels that supplied suicide bombers with the means to kill Israeli civilians. Standing for hours in front of an Israeli military bulldozer that was demolishing these tunnels and the structures that led to them, Corrie fell into a dirt pile, unseen by the bulldozer driver, and was buried alive as he drove over it.

With some deceptive sequencing and distortion of photos, the ISM made it appear that the driver purposely drove over Corrie and crushed her. The Evergreen State University student subsequently took on the iconic status of a martyr. Her life, committed to facilitating the work of those who would take innocent lives, has become the source of poetry readings, an international play, and now, a documentary.

Continue Reading at American Thinker

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day in the dark

Happy Birthday America!

I know my readers have heard this before, but the final touches on the new website are near complete and I shall begin blogging often shortly. For updates you can follow Paulies Point on Twitter at

Now back to saving our country...

Independence Day in the dark
By Paul Miller, Washington Examiner, OpEd Contributor

There is something in the air this Fourth of July weekend, but it isn’t barbeque, fireworks or freedom – its secrecy.

As we celebrate the birth of our country and pay our respects to the Founding Fathers and Revolutionary War heroes who made sacrifices very few Americans can comprehend, we must never forget why, over two hundred and forty years ago, it was the words “no taxation without representation” that echoed from chambers and churches in Boston.

Back then the colonists were demanding what today “we the people,” take for granted – a voice.

Men such as Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Adams risked their lives so that Americans – could have that voice. And having means much more than the right to free speech; it means the right to be involved in the political process and review legislation, as well as voice an opinion before a vote is called.

Stop ramming it through before the people can review.

Americans must channel the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and demand “no taxation without information.” The same politicians who claimed the Bush administration was not upfront and honest with the American people regarding the War on Terror have passed a near trillion-dollar spending bill. They managed to do this with complete disregard for transparency as well as outlining the most controversial energy legislation in American history without any allowance for public input or adequate time for elected representatives to read the twelve-hundred- page bill.

Earlier this year hundreds of thousands of Americans embraced the spirit of Samuel Adams by attending one of the over eight hundred tea party rallies held throughout America, voicing their outrage at Washington’s unprecedented intervention and blatant disdain for openness and accountability.

There is no doubt that the same desire for freedom and representation our forefathers fought for during the American Revolution still burns in the hearts and minds of millions. These patriots don’t consider themselves Democrats or Republicans, but Americans, who believe that open and honest government that welcomes people into the political process, not shuns them out, is what makes America “that shining city upon a hill.”

Unfortunately, the current administration is determined to turn out the “beacon light [that] guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” On this Fourth of July weekend, let’s remember why it’s crucial to leave the light on – at any cost.

Washington Examiner Link

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Leftist icons demonstrate true colors

Leftist icons demonstrate true colors
Hollywood and Unions equal hypocrisy

If you were in Chicago this morning, you may have noticed camera crews surrounded by technical experts near the main train station (union station). With a large sign telling passersby’s that a movie was being filmed, I couldn’t help notice some disturbing irony.

The cameraman was undoubtedly filming background footage and the technical crew which had to number nearly a dozen did what union employees do in Chicago—nothing. Mind you this is nothing new in the city that doesn’t work. One of the reasons the film industry usually goes to Toronto to film movies taking place in Chicago is because a non-union employee is not allowed to put an electrical plug into an outlet without union supervision or a union employee doing the actual task. Considering the wages these guys receive, I assure you indicted former governor Rod Blagojevich believes he was in the wrong business. But I digress.

The irony I mentioned before my anti-union rant is that the two most notorious symbols of liberalism in America, Hollywood and Labor, did a fascinating job ignoring and interfering with the homeless people a few feet away from their filming.

Everyday about a half dozen homeless folks work a one block radius near the station due to the enormous foot traffic. This morning the camera-shoot distracted people from giving change and often some fruit or snack bars to these individuals.

While I can’t fault the movie set for doing their job, I found the fact that the director and a few of the workers were eating these enormous breakfast sandwiches literally 3-4 feet away from homeless veterans and elderly woman who are begging for change to be able to buy a bagel and coffee.

All I can think of is a sad reality that I have known my entire adult life. Bleeding heart liberals expect everyone else to bleed and make sacrifices, while they are content forcing their will on everyone else as they go on living a life of hypocrisy.


Monday, April 13, 2009

April 1 came and went

April 1 has come and gone
Paulies Point looks the same, so what gives?

My apologies to readers of Paulies Point for not unavailing the new Paulies Point. As you know, I never like to do anything in a mediocre fashion. That necessary evil known as time which there never is enough of is the reason I have not published more often this year. If I can't write I sure can't properly launch a new website.

But never fear!

The necessary administration and licensing has been implemented and the new site should be functioning fully before the month is over. OK, you've heard that before. Stop it you sound like my wife when I promise to pick up my socks.

In the meantime, check out a few very important posts you won't find MSNBC talking about or the New York Times willing to print.

“Cam Sham”
Obama’s Photo Op with Cheering, Camera Wielding Troops 100% Staged
by Jeff Emanuel

Isn’t it just a pain in the neck when there’s an alternative media that prevents strict message control by a staged-photo-op of an administration and its willing mouthpieces in the MSM?

It’s painless for us, of course; rather, that pain is being felt in the necks of those who want to insist that a bow to a Saudi king isn’t a bow, that an omnibus spending bill with 9,000 earmarks is the beginning of earmark and fiscal reform, that indecisively waiting four days while an American ship’s Captain is held hostage on a rubber raft by four Somali pirates (before being bailed out by swift action by the hostage and a SEAL team) is bold, new leadership — and that a staged event with Obama voters only and a bunch of cameras handed out as props is a real sign of soldiers’ devotion to the new, inexperienced, non-military-friendly Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

That’s right: courtesy of our friend Dave Hinz at The Minority Report comes the true story of a staged photo-op between a president who cares only about controlled and contrived appearances, and the component of a deployed military that was hand-selected to give him the contrived appearance he and his handlers desired.

continue reading

Bad News for Israel: Obama Gets Cozy with the United Nations
By Abraham Miller

In deference to its extremist, leftist intellectual constituency, the Obama administration is reversing American policy and signing on to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, an organization that spends most of its time and energy demonizing the Jewish state, legitimating dictatorships, and attempting to define criticism of Islam as a violation of human rights. This, of course, is not the first time in modern history that the intellectual left has aligned itself with the forces of authoritarianism in order to embrace anti-Semitism. In pre-war Europe, anti-Semitism was as fashionable among the intelligentsia as it was among the masses that followed totalitarian movements. And nowhere was this relationship so aptly symbolized as it was in the writing of Louis-Ferdinand Celine.

Celine’s Bagatelles pour un Massacre (Trifles for a Massacre, 1937) was considered one of the most anti-Semitic tirades ever written. A chaotic rant against Jews punctuated with boundless invective, Celine’s Bagatelles caricatured Jews in ways that even Goebbels would have envied. Celine, who believed that Hitler was not sufficiently anti-Semitic and whose paranoia saw Jews in every dominant social institution including the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, was ultimately to be outdone in his lunacy.

continue reading

Classic Paulies Point

A heartfelt message for Al Gore
First day of Spring and a blizzard hits the Midwest
Originally published March 21, 2008

note: As high temperatures may not hit above 40 tomorrow, I thought this classic post was appropriate.

Hey Al, where's my global warming? After experiencing one of the snowiest winter's in recent memory as well as the coldest February in my lifetime, Spring finally arrives and 6-11 inches of snow is falling on Chicago. So I repeat, where is my global warming?

I know you have spent your entire adult-life being wrong about everything. Oh wait, in 1992 you said Iraq was sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction. You were right then, I stand corrected. However, before as well as since, you undoubtedly know so little about so much. Today you are the poster-child for the Global Warming movement, yet scientists all over the world have debunked everything you have frightened the world about. In fact today the evidence points to the opposite of your fear-mongering, Global-Cooling is developing on our planet.

So I asked again. As the snow falls outside on this first day of Spring and my sinuses and ears fill up with mucus, where is the overwhelming warmth destroying the planet? Why were my testicles frozen to my leg this morning when I went outside?

Dammit Al, don't shy away you self-absorbed ignoramus. You may be a legend in your own mind and to the far-left lunatics who worship you, but I know the truth, you know the truth. You just want to matter and climate fear is a way for you to matter. Oh, I don't doubt you believe your own B.S. to an extent, but it's obvious as I make my wife shovel our driveway, you are wrong.
What else is new.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Believing your own B.S.

A President or a Carly Simon song?
The never-ending Obama Presidential campaign

Last week I was sitting in a downtown Chicago pizza-joynt with two politically astute friends when to my amazement, President Obama and politics became the subject of conversation. After we finished uttering numerous four-letter words and inquired with each other if anyone had received their notice to report to a reeducation camp, I threw out the observation that our President continues to campaign instead of govern.

"You think, duh," was sarcastically stated by one of my lunch companions, while the other diner responded with "this is how he'll win in 2012 regardless of the economic conditions." Both remarks were appropriate and full of merit.

Watching President Obama on late night T.V. with Jay Leno was offensive, with or without the ignorant Special Olympics comment. At a time when my mother and sister are unemployed and the morale of the average American is lower than Keith Olbermann's ratings, I wish my President would stop selling failed ideas and go back to the drawing board.

Last week America learned that the President and his Party were responsible for allowing banks that received bailout funds to payout retention bonuses. The same guys bitching about big pay-outs to bank execs, put the provisions in the so-called stimulus bill, so these guys could get fat off government incompetence. Solid!

If you only watch the network news than you are unaware that our beloved Obamesiah decided to show military veterans how much he appreciates their service to America.

The administration came up with the brilliant idea that the men and women who have served our military should use private insurance to pay for treatment of combat and service-related injuries. Post traumatic stress, amputations, occupational therapy, you name it, Obama wants the same government who put these courageous Americans in harms way to not be responsible for their medical care. At least we know when the President says he holds our veterans in the highest regards, he really means holding up his middle-finger.

Come to think of it, maybe it was a good idea that our President appeared on Leno as well as 60 Minutes yesterday. If America has to learn what he is up to by objective sources, we may realize the rock star campaign atmosphere is over with and the "change" that was promised was for the worse.

Abraham Miller and Progressive Rabbi's
Uncle Abe explains Obama's anti-Israel policies

On March 9, Abraham Miller took on a class of people that very few, especially Jews, are willing to expose. I'm talking about Rabbi's that subscribe to Progressive thinking.

While most Progressive Rabbi's are still Zionists, their ideas fall under the category of suicidal. In the past I have criticized many Progressive Jews as being self-haters and do not apologize for my remarks. While it is important to understand that a Jew can be Progressive and not a self-hater, the end result of their thinking is still the same.

More dead Jews.

Check out
Progressive Rabbis: Be Still My Bleeding Heart and watch Uncle Abe discuss the subject as well as why the Obama administration is a threat to Israels very existence, on PajamasTV.

New look for Paulies Point

Paulies Point has scheduled an April 1 unveiling of our new website. Check back daily for new postings, but certainly check back next week for what should be a better Paulies Point.

Is it possible? You'll decide.


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