Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why Government Sucks

Touch of Crap

Some people have the Midas Touch referring to everything one does or attempts to do turns out to work out or be positive. Government has the opposite effect. Everything the government controls, runs, regulates or is involved with turns out to be mediocre and often bad. Education, Social Security, War on Drugs/Poverty or whatever great American endeavor always fails, will fail or is run with accepted levels of incompetence.

Over the past 15 years I have often identified myself as being a Libertarian more than a Republican. More than ever when it comes to issues regarding Domestic policy I have never felt stronger about how government involvement is a recipe for disaster. True conservatism in the tradition of Reagan is rooted in Libertarian ideology, but unfortunately true conservatism has become a thing of the past.

ABC NEWS 20/20 correspondent, John Stossel, has become the poster-child for exposing government incompetence. Check out his latest column. If you haven't read his latest book, Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity, drop whatever your reading and pick up a copy now.

Obama the centrist?

The political life story of Barack Obama is amazing. In 2000, he ran unsuccessfully in the Democratic primary for Illinois' 1st Congressional district against incumbent Representative Bobby Rush. Rush had suggested during the campaign that Obama "wasn't black enough" for the position. Rush received 61% of the vote, while Obama received 30%. Obama was considered and to an extent still is a thorn in the side of the Cook County Democratic machine. In 2004 when he ran in the Democratic primary for senate, he was not considered to have much of a chance. Illinois Comptroller, Dan Hynes, with the support of the machine was supposed to cruise through the primary. However, multi-millionaire Blair Hull gathered enough of Hynes assumed support and Obama was able to slip through to victory. Everyone knows the rest. He gave that great speech at the Democratic convention in 2004 and Illinois GOP didn't know their ass from a hole in the wall in 2004 and ran Alan Keyes. A 70-27% victory ensued for Obama.

Today Obama is talking like a centrist with brilliant answers to most issues. Check out this story from the Harrisburg Daily Register. Obama's opinions couldn't be drafted more perfect to appeal to the majority of Americans. From recently asking for Dems not to exclude God, to his moderate view on the Estate tax and his public statements denouncing the impeachment of President Bush. Do not exclude this guy from the 2008 campaign trail.

In case you didn't know

A few days ago two Fox News employees, Reporter Steve Centanni and Cameraman Olaf Wiig, were kidnapped in Gaza. Media coverage has been limited and to an extent disheartening, since when journalists are kidnapped it usually dominates the news. One wonders if the press doesn't want to paint a negative picture of the Islamic militants who have abducted two innocent journalists doing a job. It figures it would be a Fox News crew instead of CNN or the BBC since they are part of the Hamas/Hezbollah propaganda machine.



At 8/17/2006 9:07 AM , Anonymous Lou said...

John Stossel is the guy who says it's just fine do bang your cousin. The content of that column was a little creepy, but more concerning is that he went to the trouble of making an issue of it at all...


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