Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just a Reminder...We're at War Stupid

Lights Out in London...Almost

I was working during the early morning hours, when I saw the news reports start rolling in. London Police and Intelligence agencies thwart a plot to blow up planes during flight. Fox News was running feed directly from Sky News in the UK. Immediately I was torn between emotions. I was thanking God that the British were able to stop this terror-plot, but at the same time, bitterly angry at these monsters that want to commit these inhumane acts.The planes targeted were all headed toward the United States and at this time appear to all be American carriers. If this plot had been successful, the loss of life would rival 9/11. The question I want answered is what will it take for the world and many Americans (Howard Dean supporters) to finally accept the fact we are fighting a world war against Islamo-fascism?

Down with France

President Bush said after 9/11, "your either with us or against us." It has become pretty clear that France is against the United States, Israel and defeating terrorism. If anyone thinks Jacque Chirac would shed one tear for British and American victims if the terror plot in the UK were successful is living in denial. If you think he and his government give a damn about Jews in Israel, put down the bong. If you believe he is a coward, afraid of offending Islamic terrorists, then you get a gold star for the day.

Recently French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy called Iran a "stabilizing" force in the Middle East. It is now believed that Douste-Blazy has a weekly appointment with Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to perform oral sex on the Holocaust denying leader.

The French decision to join Arab nations, demanding Israel immediately pull-out of Lebanon to allow the Lebanese military (circus clowns) to defend it's southern border is shameful. Abiding by this request is nothing but a Trojan horse. Once again France doesn't want to do the right thing, they want to take the cowardly route. Appeasing terrorists is better than saving innocent lives, since the causalities of cowardice aren't French citizens...for now.

Thought: If the Democratic primary in Connecticut was held the day of or day after the recent events in Britain would Lamont still have defeated Lieberman?



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