Friday, August 04, 2006

Shabbat Shalom 10 Av, 5766

Connecticut/Democrat Shame

What do you get when you cross a one issue candidate and an incumbent who is the definition of integrity? You get a disgraceful senate race that's exposing who controls the Democratic Party. Recent polls have Senator Joe Lieberman, 13 points behind his opponent, Businessman Ned LaMont. Lieberman's downfall has been his integrity. Lieberman like most Democrats supported the war in Iraq. The media is claiming that support is what is killing his re-election efforts. That is not exactly accurate. Lieberman many months back returned from a trip to Iraq and reported what he saw, which was of a positive nature. Many Democrats are kissing the ass, so to speak, of the Progressive Left and denounced earlier support for the war or have demanded the troops come home immediately or by years end. Lieberman has been unwilling to denounce his support for the war or demand a timelime. The far left is ganging up on him to defeat him and send a message to other Dems who supported the war.

The sad truth is Lieberman is a man of conviction and even if you disagree with him on Iraq, Dems should ask themselves how they feel about him overall. Unfortunately they rather make an example out of Lieberman and send a message. Former President Bill Clinton recently campaigned for Lieberman, while Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have thrown their support behind his opponent Ned LaMont. It appears that Jesse and Al may have more pull than slick Willy. LaMont who is simply running as an anti-war candidate, was recently exposed as a hypocrite. It turns out LaMont, who has been a harsh critic of Wal-Mart, owns their stock. About 31 grand worth. The far left may want to label him a war profiteer, he owns stock in Haliburton as well.

Over the years I have rarely supported Democrats, but many I respected for their integrity to do what they believe is right. Paul Simon, Sam Nunn, Howard Metzenbaum are a few names that come to mind. Lieberman would be at the top of the list. We all complain about our political leaders. However, when we get one with integrity we destroy him. Lieberman will lose on Tuesday, but plans to run as an Independent. I plan to support him.

Good Times in Dixie

The last time I had this much fun watching anybody from Georgia was when I saw the Allman Brothers live at the Rivera Theater in Chicago. I am of course talking about the Democratic Primary Run-off between incumbent Cynthia McKinney and Hank Johnson. McKinney has been acting like a spoiled little bitch since failing to capture 50% in the Primary. The following week she missed all votes in the House, has been bitching about the primary voting rules and this past Tuesday night she obviously didn't want to be at the debate she had with her opponent. Mc Kinney should be scared, she is getting killed in the polls. She did get the worthless endorsement by former UN Ambassador Andrew Young. However, if you listen to the endorsement, the enthusiasm was equivocal to Young endorsing David Duke. Regardless, by this time next week McKinney will be looking at want ads for work and in January all you will hear from her is "you want fries with that?"

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