Thursday, August 24, 2006

Judy...You Go Girl!

That 10th Gambling License

Why would a state that is billions of dollars in the hole be reluctant to increase state revenue? I can't say for certain what the answer is. However, it's a safe bet that unless funds can find their way to his campaign war chest, Governor Blagojevich rather do nothing instead of actually increasing state revenues. For years the state of Illinois has had an unfulfilled 10th casino license. Agree or disagree with gambling as a source of state revenue, the license has been approved, but it's not being used. State Treasurer and GOP Gubernatorial candidate, Judy Baar Topinka, has proposed that license be utilized with a casino in Chicago.

Your brilliant blogger has always been a proponent of expanding gambling. Casinos, Off Track Betting (OTB) facilities and race tracks generate billions of dollars in tax revenue, provide good paying jobs and to the amazement of my friends on the far right, improve local communities. Like all vice's there are drawbacks. When people are granted easier access to gambling there is an increased risk of addiction. However, every computer user in the world is only a few mouse clicks away from gambling everytime they log on. I am also a firm believer of freewill and self responsibility, so don't tell me the government has a right to tell me I can't play Blackjack or Slots.

Topinka deserves credit for making such a proposal. It will not be popular amongst religious and civil rights leaders. However, she knows the state of Illinois is financially desperate and raising taxes doesn't bring in additional revenue, just decreases consumer spending.

Topinka wants the additional funds to go toward education and property tax relief. That aspect of her plan I disagree with. I rather have her talk about school choice and instituting a voucher programs instead of throwing more money into an outdated education system that has progressively gotten worse. At least she has a pro-business, anti-taxation plan. I can settle for that...for now.

Pluto Downsized...Al Gore Blames Bush

Rest in peace Pluto. Astronomers have taken away your status from planet to dwarf planet. What that means I have no idea, but it sounds discriminating and protests will soon be lead by Jesse Jackson and Cindy Sheehan. Scientists have redefined what a planet is, but that answer is not satisfying everyone. Sheehan has repeated her calls for the United States to get out of Iraq and Israel to get out of Palestine. It's unclear what that has to do with Pluto, but apparently she has convinced herself that America and the Jews are the cause of all evil. Jackson stated that the astronomers view Pluto as a "dark planet" since it's gets limited sunlight, therefore it's not worthy of the same status given to to "light" planets.

Former Vice President Al Gore had a different take on the decision. Gore believes that global warming on earth has caused excess heat to travel toward Pluto, melting ice off the planet, altering the former planet's shape. "Pluto is the latest victim of the administrations environmental policy," said Gore. "In our lifetime we will see the rings around Saturn fall out of orbit and collide with earth." The 2000 Democratic candidate for President declared "if I was President, Pluto would still be a planet and we all wouldn't be doomed."




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