Thursday, July 13, 2006

Entebbe to Gaza

World Take Notice

30 years ago this month, four Israeli Air Force C-130 Hercules transport planes took off from Israel and landed at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda determined to rescue over 100 hostages held by Palestinian and German terrorists. "Operation Thunderbolt", better known as "Operation Entebbe", was developed and implemented by a government that places the safety and security of her citizens before world opinion. What may be the most daring military rescue effort in modern history, saved the lives of 100 hostages and put the world on notice that Israel will not tolerate the kidnapping and murder of her citizens. Today terrorists, supported by the governments of Iran and Syria are learning that the resolve of Israel to defend itself and it’s citizens has not diminished.

Yesterday we learned the terrorist group Hezbollah attacked Israel inside her borders killing 3 and taking 2 Israel'ss hostage. Over 2 weeks ago, Hamas murdered 2 soldiers and took cpl Gilad Shalit hostage. Over a year ago, in an attempt to bring the peace process back on track, Israel withdrew from Gaza to see the land not developed for Palestinian prosperity, but to be used by terrorists to shoot rockets into Israel. One attack saw a rocket land in an elementary school yard...Enough is Enough!

Hamas and Hezbollah believed kidnapping would result in Israel releasing hundreds, if not thousands of terrorists in exchange for the soldiers. They thought wrong. As horrible as it is for these soldiers to be in the custody of virtual monsters, these men know that Israel would be setting herself up for greater death and casualties by permitting a multitude of terrorists and suicide bombers to rejoin their fellow killers.

Israel's attacks against these groups and those who support them in any part of the world is justified. Even a country such as Israel who makes every possible effort to avoid civilian casualties, must weigh the necessity of stepping up attacks, increasing the chance of civilian victims, compared to purely defensive measures and watching more of her citizens die. Never again is now!

To my amazement the Chicago Tribune published a fantastic editorial, that puts the current situation into perspective. I want to thank President Bush for his understanding of the situation and support for Israel's right to defend herself. Thank you Mr. President. I ask that everyone pray for peace and pray for the Israeli soldiers and their families.



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