Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 7/11/06

Deficit Down, Tax Cuts Work, Liberals Lie

No conservative has been more angry at the Bush administration and the GOP congress for it's addiction to spending than your brilliant blogger. However, President Bush and Congress deserve credit for cutting taxes, which have had a positive impact on our economy, created jobs and therefore actually increased the amount of revenue the government receives from taxes. Bush will appear in front of reporters today to announce that the deficit is down to 296 Billion dollars.

Bush bashers love to claim that our children will be stuck with a big bill to pay off from this administrations fiscal irresponsibility. However these same people want to increase your taxes, which would devastate the economy forcing less revenue to be collected. Leftists use the scare tactics of claiming are children will be paying the deficit off, but sadly these are the same idiots that propose budgets larger than the Bush administration, want to increase entitlements, socialize health care and throw away more money into education instead of reforming it. I may be mad at the GOP, but they are much better than the alternative and hopefully can be changed back to the Party of limited government.

Big Mistake for Bush

A bill co-sponsored by Rep. Diana DeGette(D-CO) and Rep. Mike Castle (R-De) to expand federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research, may be the first bill President Bush veto's according to Karl Rove. From a political point of view, this would be a disaster for the President and could spill over with negative consequences for the GOP in November. Truth is that Americans overwhelmingly support Stem Cell research, they don't understand the idea of existing lines compared to new lines, they just understand the potential this research has and don't want to see it limited in anyway. Bush is being advised by Rove to give the base another bone (Gay marriage amendment), but Rove doesn't realize that much of his base will accept expanded research. The base is more than Christian conservatives, they are parents and grandparents of children who have diabetes, autism and physical impairments, who are looking for a cure. Tony Snow hide the President's pen and ink pad.

Follow Colorado's Lead

The state of Colorado passed legislation that will force 1 million people to prove their residency before collecting taxpayer-funded benefits. Every state should be passing laws that require people to prove their residency and citizenship before receiving a dime from Uncle Sam.


Founding Pink Floyd member, Syd Barrett, passed away a few days ago according to a spokesperson for the band. Barrett left the band in 1968, but his life served as an inspiration to the group prominently found on the albums "Wish You Were Here" and "The Wall". Shine on you crazy diamond!



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