Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 6/20/06

Darfur OK, Baghdad No Way

Check out my most recent publishing in American Thinker. The piece was edited a bit more than I like, leaving out some important information. Before checking out the article, read the following paragraph, which was immediately before the published portion.

As a Jew, I live my life with a determination to never again allow the Holocaust to repeat itself. I don’t mean a tragedy with Jewish victims only. My belief includes all humanity. This is why I am ashamed at the human race for forgetting the lessons of the Holocaust. I recall my days as an intern at CNN in Chicago and a conversation I had to with a producer who just returned from covering the war in the former Yugoslavia. He told me about so-called Serbian prison camps that reminded him of the horrors he heard about in Nazi Concentration Camps. I kept asking myself “how can the world allow this to happen?” Fifteen years later and wiser, I have learned that the world never learns from its mistakes and politics is too often a priority over people.

The above portion was a very important portion of my piece, but often editors will leave out what they may feel is more important to the writer than the reader. Regardless, American Thinker is a very highly respected publication, often quoted and referenced by Limbaugh and other prominent talk show hosts. I am proud to add them to my resume of publications who have printed my work.

AAA Cubs

The Chicago Cubs simply put...Suck! These guys are so bad they couldn't beat off. The Tribune company continues to run the team as they have run their business in recent years Incompetently. Some friendly advice to fans of the team I despise, drop Prior and Wood. Get a used ball bag or a third rate clubhouse coach, while they have some value left. These guys will go down in history as the greatest potential pitching duo.

Your World Series Champs, Your Chicago White Sox

Hearing those words at a ball game is an indescribable feeling. Anyway, right now the southsiders continue to kick ass, but as luck would have it the other top team in the AL is division rival Detroit Tigers. The boys of Motown under manager Jimmy Leyland deserve credit for the great season they are having. They only lead my Sox by 2 games and will certainly falter by seasons end, but they will be in the drivers seat for the Wild Card. Ok, I'm counting my chickens, so we will simply say that the wild card team and world series champ will both come from the AL Central.

Good Luck and God Bless Chris

Friend and Colleague Christopher Morgaret left for Kuwait this past weekend to serve his county and help keep America safe. I ask that everyone keep him and all our troops serving around the world in their prayers. God Bless them all



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