Friday, June 30, 2006

Feds Investigating Blago / Stroger Steps Down

Hey boss... I need a job!

Federal Investigators are investigating the Blagojevich administration for illegal (Chicago Tradition) hiring practices, according to a letter made public today by U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald. As much as I would of love to have seen this story come out yesterday or this upcoming Wednesday, the non-partisan Fitzgerald deserves credit for releasing the information at a time not advantageous to the media. Any press person will tell you that late Friday afternoon, especially before a holiday is the worst time to release info you want publicized and the best time to go public with news that you hope looses steam. Regardless, this is a serious blow to the administration that campaigned on bringing back credibility to government. Maybe the previous and present Illinois governors can be bunk buddies in prison. That's bipartisan.

Stroger resigns, Daley favored as replacement

In what has made the Chicago Democratic machine look more shameful than usual, the debacle involving 77 year old Cook County Board President, John Stroger, was partially resolved when he announced (unsigned letter) he was stepping down effective July 31. Stroger who hasn't been seen in publicly since before narrowly winning the primary in May, suffered a stroke days before the election. For the past week an announcement was believed forthcoming, which was to include an announcement that Stroger's son Todd would be anointed his replacement on the ballot. A power struggled ensued and Todd may be out of the picture. What is more disgraceful is Mayor Daley's brother John appears to be the likely replacement over 20 year veteran Bobbie Steel. Can't beat fun in Cook County, especially under the Daley Regime.



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