Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie (Back from the Bay)

Going to California

Ever been asked if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to visit? The answer for me has always been simple. With the exception of going to Israel, I want to see more of my own country before I start seeing the rest of the world. That personal goal took major steps forward this past week when the family and I visited San Francisco.

Mazel Tov Tommy

The main reason going on our journey was to attend my cousins Bar Mitzvah and to see family. The Bar Mitzvah was a blessed event and a overall great time. My three year old son particularly enjoyed the party since he was the most popular guy there among the 12 and 13 year old girls. The ladies carried him onto the dance floor and chased him around the reception hall like it was 1965 and he was a member of the Beatles. Too bad he couldn't truly appreciate the ladies at this time in his life. His younger brother did well too. A few ladies especially one in particular took it upon themselves to watch and hold him through most of the evening. When mommys weren't holding my youngest, mothers to be in the distant future did. The maternal instinct of woman truly comes from God. A good time was had by all.

Da Bay, Da Wharf and Da Jail

The tourist portion of our journey included a wonderful boat ride in San Francisco Bay and strolling around fisherman's Wharf. The ship left the harbor and circled around Alcatraz and went under the Golden Gate Bridge. At the time the temperature was maybe in the low 60's with a strong wind, so it got cold. What I was unprepared for was the strong sun with no cloud coverage. To say I got sunburned would be an understatement. I never imagined you could get a tan when you need to wear a jacket. As a I write this, my big bald spot is peeling. Regardless it was an awesome educational ride.

Happy Anniversary Laz and Michael

While in San Francisco we had dinner with family friends who are Chicago transplants to the Bay area. Laz and Michael celebrated their 8th anniversary together with us and unknown to Shannon and I, when they attended our wedding nearly eight years ago, that was Laz official coming out event. It was great to see them and glad to see they are still together.

Politically Speaking

Have you heard this one yet? Recently Robert Kennedy Jr. made claims that he had proof that the 2004 Presidential race was stolen from John Kerry in Ohio. Progressive (left wing, anti-Semitic) radio in the San Francisco area was having a field day with the story, but what fascinated me was that they weren't blaming the GOP as much as they were blaming...Hillary Clinton. You read correctly...Hillary. The pundits and callers on these shows have raised the question that Kerry's own people prevented him from challenging the results in Ohio. The far left claims that Kerry's people feared that if he won, that would kill any chance of a Hillary Presidency. I was speechless when I heard this. The other sad news to report from listening to progressive radio is that my concerns about the left despising Israel was validated time after time. In fact the defending of Hamas I heard was so frightening it made Jimmy Carter look like Israel's best friend.

Mister Loveless

The above title is the name of my cousin Rob's band. Their debut CD is excellent and they have been getting great exposure playing around the San Francisco area. I describe their music as early REM meets the Beach Boys with a touch of Sonic Youth. I strongly encourage all my readers to check them out.

Good Times

The Trip overall was a great time. It was fun, educational and enlightening. Most important it was great to see my Uncle Abe, Aunt Molly and my my cousins. They are awesome people and I wish they lived closer. Quick note: For you parents out there, taking two young children on a 4 hour plane ride can be done, but not highly recommended.


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