Monday, July 10, 2006

Clinton's Mess

Albright's Alzheimers
Wesley Clark Legally Declared an Idiot

Two prominent Democratic figures spent last week looking like fools during interviews regarding the North Korean Missile launch. "Frankly, Larry, I think the problem here is that we are watching the failure of five years' worth of American diplomacy," Albright told worthless interviewer Larry King Wednesday night on the Communist News Network.
Is she on dope or God forbid has Alzheimers set in on the former Secretary State under Bill Clinton? Investors Business Daily said it best "North Korea's acquisition of nuclear weapons and ever-more sophisticated ballistic missiles--including the Taepodong-2 C launched this week--were indeed the result of five years of failed diplomacy. It's just that the five failed years lasted from 1994 to 1999." I always new Albright was an incompetent, but to have become a political hack going around blaming others for your administrations failures is simply sad.

During an interview on Fox news, former General Wesley Clark, became a prime example of my biggest complaint, the world never learns from it's mistakes. Clark had the audacity to say "In '94 we were at the brink of war with North Korea, we negotiated and averted conflict". No you idiot, you trusted a madman and gave him the capability to build nuclear weapons. Clark wants to blame to Bush administration for the current situation with North Korea claiming "Six years ago, there was a possibility of negotiations and real dialog with North Korea." I strongly recommend watching the entire interview directly from Clark's own website. You will be amazed that this man ever became a General. However, it is obvious why he got canned and viewed negatively by many of his superiors including former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Henry Hugh Shelton and Defense Secretary William Cohen

I love Sports

Did you catch yesterdays 19 inning game between my Whitesox and the Redsox? MVP candidate Jermaine Dye 9th inning home run with two outs sent the game into extra innings. The White Sox came back with two runs in the 11th after Boston put a 2 spot on the board. 5-5 was were the game stayed until the 19th inning when Tadahito Iguchi lined a one-out, bases-loaded single into left field off Rudy Seanez. 6 hour and 19 minutes were needed to finish the game and leave my southsiders on a winning note and the second best record in baseball going into the all star break. I love this game.

Also congrats to Italy for winning some soccer game against France.



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