Friday, June 16, 2006

Political Rude Awakenings

Illinois voters not supporting gay marriage ban

To the dismay of homophobic groups such as the Family Taxpayers Network and Illinois Family Institute, a recent Chicago Tribune poll shows that Illinois residents may overwhelmingly support defining marriage between a man and a woman, only 40% support a constitutional amendment. If this number holds up, Illinois will be the first state to see a protect marriage referendum defeated. Nothing could be sweeter than a Topinka victory and marriage amendment defeat this November. It would be a devastating blow to the hateful disease that has infiltrated Illinois conservatism.

On a related sad note. FTN recently called Illinois Republican Party Executive Director, John Tsarpalas, a liar. Tsarpalas gave a consistent honest answer regarding the Illinois GOP non-support of the Protect Marriage Referendum. However, FTN decided to take the Executive Director's honesty and integrity and use it as a rallying cry for their members and claim he is being dishonest. Truth is, FTN saw the Tribune poll and they are already afraid that their efforts will fail. It's time to set up a scapegoat and that will be the Illinois Republican Party.

Casey Wishy Washy on Jerusalem

Check out a recent article by Daniel Pipes in the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin regarding Pennsylvania Democratic Senate Candidate Robert Casey Jr. It appears that after a recent trip to Israel, "Casey would not say whether he favors recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel," the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Dec. 7. If you take a trip to Israel and still can't understand why Jerusalem needs to be the recognized capital, than you shouldn't be in the United States Senate.



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