Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 6/27/06

Bring Home Shalit

The world urges Israel to give diplomacy a chance, but forgets that Israel is the only one willing to be diplomatic and the terrorist government counterpart won't even acknowledge their right to exist. So my question to the rest of the world is who are we suppose to have diplomacy with? As Israeli troops move into southern Gaza knocking out power and bridges, making it more difficult fo Hamas to move the 19 year old Israeli soldier they are holding hostage, we must remember that Democracy comes with responsibility. The Palestinian people decided to elect a government unwilling to recognize Israel's right to exist, declaring they have no desire to see peace in the region and a two state solution.

The fate of Cpl. Gilad Shalit is unknown. What is known is that 13 years after the Oslo accords, Israel is tired if giving and giving, while their sons and daughters are still being murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Even with today's inaccurate headlines claiming that Hamas and Fatah have reached an agreement recognizing Israel, Hamas terrorists make demands on Israel to release prisoners in exchange not for the release of Shalit, but for simple information about him.

What your not being told by most media outlets is that recent agreement between the two terrorist groups never states or claims "Israel has a right to exist", it simply is an agreement that incidentally allows Israel to be. Hamas can deceive the UN, Europe, Howard Dean and Noam Chomsky, but they will fail to defeat Israel.


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