Friday, July 07, 2006

Will The Machine Survive

A Personal Message First
Happy Birthday!

The end of June and beginning of July is a very special time in my life. It was June 28th, 1993 that my wife Shannon and I officially began dating. I have always believed that day was the first day of the rest of a great life. As a person with great love for his country, I view independence day as the true day of Thanksgiving. Every American regardless of race or religion should thank God everyday that they are blessed to live in the greatest nation to grace the world. Finally, July 5th is my wife's birthday. This year she turned 34 and is more beautiful today than the day we first met in November of 1991. We celebrated Shannon's birthday like typical Americans, we ate Mexican food and had cake from a German bakery. Shannon has given me two beautiful children and I am grateful for everyday we have together.

I love you Shannon!

Guilty... with more to come

Former Mayor Daley patronage chief, Robert Sorich, and three other former city officials were found guilty in a job-rigging scheme that federal prosecutors say they are not finished investigating. The verdict sends a strong message to the Chicago Democratic Machine, who has for a half of century controlled the jobs and lives of thousands of city and county employees. The Feds are ready to put you in jail if your hiring practices aren't legitimate. This verdict sends a strong message to Governor Blagojevich, who's own administration is under numerous probing by the Feds for unlawful hiring practices.

Early today Alderman Bernard Stone (D 50th), who strongly disagrees with the verdict, told WLS radio that any person who is prosecuted by the Feds will be found guilty regardless of the evidence. He claims that a jury who see's a judge in a black robe sitting on the bench in front of an American Eagle symbol hearing the words "The United states vs ?" will always find the defendant guilty. His comments were made less than an hour before this posting, hopefully they will hit print media so I can get them for you verbatim. They were sad comments from a man who is part of a dictatorship regime that sees their absolute control jeopardized.

The question being asked by every is how far will this and the Blago investigation go?



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