Thursday, March 30, 2006

Democrats and National Security

Democrats Offer National Security Platform
Pat Robertson Supports Gay Marriage

Reading the above headlines, common sense dictates that you would believe they are comedy skit titles from Saturday Night Live or Mad TV. Amazingly the first headline is real. Senate and House Democrats held a press conference Wednesday releasing a six page national security plan. That's right, the party that decimated national security throughout the 90's and believes the U.S. could of done a better job of persuading Russia and France to support our efforts in Iraq, claims they can protect you and your family better than the President and the Republican Congress. Stop laughing!

Democrats defending America is the same as Republicans defending gay marriage. Rolling Stone Magazine has a great article analyzing the good and bad of the proposal. The direct quotes taken from the document show the party of no ideas has even less ideas on making the United States safer. The platform contains general rhetoric without real solutions, which is exactly like every idea the Democrats have had since 1972. My favorite statement from the document is, "to honor the Sacrifice of Our Troops, we will: Ensure 2006 is a year of significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty, with the Iraqis assuming primary responsibility for securing and governing their country and with the responsible redeployment of U.S. forces." Nothing is outlined to accomplish this goal. Rumor has it that the platform was written by Homer Simpson...Doh!

Blagojevich Lied

During the recent Blagojevich/Farrakhan fiasco, the governor claimed he never knew Claudette Muhammad was a member of the Nation of Islam. The Chicago Tribune obtained a copy of a letter, Muhammad sent Blagojevich, stating she was "very, very, very disappointed that the governor told reporters he was only recently aware she was on his Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes." The letter outlines the times they met and how he knew before the appointment, she was a member of the Nation of Islam and her position within the organization. Any claim Muhammad made in the letter obviously has no credibility. However, the governor's office isn't repudiating any of her statements. They simply are saying that Blago meets with so many people and he simply does not remember her...Bullshit!

I have contended for years that Blagojevich is your typical power hungry politician. However, during his reign of terror in Springfield, it's been obvious that he has less scruples than your everyday political hack. Blagos father-in-law, Chicago alderman Dick Mell, has had an ongoing public feud with the governor. No one knows for certain why, but during the final weeks of the recent primary, Mell went as far as to go door to door campaigning with Blagos opponent, Edwin Eisendrath. It's one thing to dislike a family member, but to go as far as working against him...the question beckons, what did Blagojevich do causing his father-in-law to despise the man his daughter married. How shameful of a human being is Blago?

I believe I know the answer. However, it is so horrible, that as much as I dislike the governor, I won't print it until I have 100% proof.



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