Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie (Late Edition)

My apologies for getting this posting out so late. Between giving deep thought to my NCAA Tournament picks, taking care of my children and trying to find sleep during my final week of working midnights, my schedule has been hectic.

To be completely truthful, I have been working on a proposal for the Illinois Republican Party that I can't go into detail about, but hopefully will have the opportunity to tell the world soon. Stay tune for updates.

Happy Purim

Today is the Jewish holiday known as Purim. Many Jews today in their ignorance call Purim the "Jewish Halloween", that is because synagogues have festivals were children are encouraged to dress up like their favorite character. Unfortunately, when the actual historical event took place, it was not a holiday for Jews...far from it.

Sorry, I am not going to go into the whole "Megillah" of Purim. I do suggest reading this article in Jewish World Review. http://jewishworldreview.com/yaffa/ganz_purim06.php3

NCAA Tourney Time

There is no greater three weeks in all of sports than NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament Time. This year should be a tournament for the ages for the simple reason that there is no clear cut dominating teams.

Congrats goes out to the Iowa Hawkeyes for winning the Big Ten tournament. Coach Steve Alford proved that he can be a big game coach. Let's face it, Iowa is not loaded with talent. My 2 year old son has more speed and balance than half the guys on the team. Nevertheless, Alford had them playing as a team and they pulled it off. Well deserved #3 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Congrats goes out to my Indiana Hoosiers who put together an end of the season run to make it to the big dance. IU also played great during the Big Ten Tournament, which only proved they are a good team who had a lousy coach who was unable to get the most out of his players consistently. The Mike Davis era can't end soon enough.

Jan Called Back

I finally got a call back from Congresswoman Schakowsky's office. You may recall I called her office looking for a statement regarding the Blagojevich/Farrakhan fiasco. I received a call from a pleasant female who reiterated that the congresswoman was not going to release a statement, but she does hope the commission member, Ms. Muhammad, repudiate Farrakhan's remarks. The congresswoman lackey asked me if she could pass a message on to Jan...Thank You God!
I will just say that I was polite, didn't use harsh language and relayed my disappointment that the congresswoman continues to be silent when her fellow Democrats show their anti-Semitic true colors.

Chicago Jewish Star

Check out my recent commentary in the Chicago Jewish Star. I criticize Governor Blago for "slapping Jews in the face", for not only appointing a Farrakhan adviser to the state Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes, but for refusing to ask her to repudiate her spiritual leader's anti-Semitic rhetoric. I also challenge the Jewish Community to stop blindly voting Democrat and taking the continued slaps in the face from the party of Hillary and Howard.

It's Official...Andy Martin is Nuts

Check out today's Chicago Sun Times article on Republican candidate for Governor, Andy Martin. Why political reporter Scott Fornek would give this joke of a candidate the time of day is uncertain. My belief is that Fornek new he would get a good laugh out of the interview.



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