Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie (Wednesday Edition)

It's Judy

I am pleased that Illinois State Treasurer, Judy Baar Topinka, won the Republican nomination for Governor. Topinka, undoubtedly is the best candidate to defeat Blagojevich in November. Speaking of "Rod", Democrats sent him a chilling message last night. Challenger Edwin Eisendrath received nearly a third of the vote, exploiting Blago's vulnerability. Chicago media has been dwelling on these results all morning and once again the idea of the Rev. James Meeks, running as an Independent, has surfaced. A Meeks candidacy would easily make Topinka the favorite.

GOP Gives Nazi the "Finger"

I am happy to report that 3rd District Republicans overwhelmingly rejected former American Nazi Leader, Arthur Jones, and nominated Ray Wardingly for Congress. You may recall I reported that the GOP establishment was actively working to defeat this impostor and even utilized help from your brilliant blogger to defeat this hate-monger. I can honestly say that if Jones wants to claim a Jewish conspiracy defeated him, he would be mistaken. With the exception of yours truly, it was a Christian coalition that gave this bigot the "finger".

Terrell Owens

Dallas signs footballs biggest pain in the tuchas to a 3 year deal worth 25 million. So when it's all said and done, Owens got the last laugh. He was able to leave a team he hated in Philly and sign with Dallas who is paying him more money than he made as an Eagle. As a football fan I admit it will be fun watching Owens bump heads with Cowboys Coach Bill Parcells. The legendary coach won't take crap from Owens, but I guarantee you Dallas owner Jerry Jones will side with Owens if it comes to one staying and one going. It will be fun.

Bears Sign Griese
McCaskey Family Thinks They are Getting Bob

Brian Griese signed a 5 year deal with the Bears to serve as a backup to Rex Grossman. Bears management obviously believe Kyle Orton is not worth developing and will probably keep him as a third string QB or release him. Orton's reputation outside of Chicago is pretty good and should ask to be released to explore other options. Griese is probably a good choice for a second string QB. His career has been mediocre and dismal compared to his Hall of Fame dad, Bob. Nevertheless, he should be a solid second stringer.

World Baseball Classic

Does anybody care...Didn't think so.

NCAA Tourney Continues

Who predicted Bradley, George Mason and Wichita would be in the sweet sixteen? Neither did I. These heavy underdogs making it to the sweet 16 is a great example of why March Madness is the best three weeks in all of sports. I still like my original prediction of Memphis to come through and win the whole thing. They better or I ain't going to win any of my pools.

Kudos to Bush...Finally

President Bush decided to defend his decision to go to War in Iraq without using a prepared statement. In case you don't know what I am talking about, during a press conference Monday, the President took a question from Helen Thomas. The senior White House correspondent for King Features Syndicate, has publicly shown her disdain for the President as well as Israel on numerous occasions. When called upon for the first time in 3 years, she decided to make a political statement and eventually asked the President "Why he really went to war and when did he really decide to go to war". Bush shot back from the hip, defending his decision in a manner that we don't see from him as much as we used to...the person, not the politician.
Needless to say he showed why the 76 year old Thomas that she should consider retiring. I can recommend a subdivision in Boca, she would feel very comfortable around all those retired Jews.


Note: My apologies for not posting a Tuesdays with Paulie on...Tuesday. I felt it was more appropriate to keep my endorsements posted during election day.


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