Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 03/28/06

Mazel Tov...It's a Boy!

Congratulations to my friends Steve and Randi on the birth of their son Charlie. Mommy and Baby are doing great, daddy and big sister couldn't be more proud.

Riots Expected in France Today
Good Times To Be Had By All

What do you call a country that prohibits the firing of unproductive workers? France! However, the French government wants to change the laws allowing employers to give pink slips to employees under the age of 26 who have been working for an employer for less than 2 years. Young people are expected to riot today in protest. Nothing worse than a planned riot, it spoils the surprise. An unexpected outbreak is much more fun and causes more damage. Click here to read a great article by Lawrence Kudlow. Note to my friend Rabbi Greenberg, I didn't use the dreaded "S" word, the article did.

Run Meeks Run

Illinois State Sen. James Meeks (D), has been considering a third party run for governor. I am strongly urging all my family, friends and readers to contact reverend Meeks and beg him to run for Governor. Reassure him that his concerns that Blagojevich is short changing the Black community are valid. The fact that Blago and Topinka are both pro-choice means he can get the pro-life vote and win with less than 40% of the vote. Tell him you agree that state sales and income tax should be raised. Tell Senator Meeks that he has a higher calling and that calling is to be governor of Illinois.

Make sure that contact is done via email. No sane person could call Meeks office and spew the bullshit I just spewed without laughing uncontrollably.



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