Sunday, March 26, 2006


The Daily Show
Fair and Balanced?

I was in disbelief this past week, when I tuned into Comedy Central's, The Daily Show and saw Jon Stewart interviewing former Iraqi General, Georges Sada. General Sada has written a book, Saddam's Secrets, that the mainstream media does not want you to know about. Sada was a trusted military adviser to Saddam Hussein and in his book he claims that Saddam had WMD's. The Daily Show, which is no friend of President Bush and blatantly against the war in Iraq, gave Sada a forum to explain how the Bush administrations concerns about WMD and terrorist training was accurate. Sada actually claims that the United States attempts at diplomacy, gave Saddam the time to move the weapons out of Iraq, mostly into Syria (Which I always claimed). My hats off to Comedy Central for giving Sada an opportunity to present his case and promote his book. The Networks and New York Times can learn a lesson from...Jon Stewart. How sad is that!

NCAA Tourney...Duke, UConn, Gone!

I have always enjoyed the simple things in life. Double dipped chicken wings at Hooters, free refills on diet coke, watching Howard Dean make an ass out of himself and of course Duke not making it past the sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. The great coach "K" and his Blue Devils, led by some great shooting white guy, who will be an NBA towel boy, lost to LSU Thursday night, falling apart in the final minutes. "Where's your Laettner now?"

The big story of the tourney is 11th seed, George Mason, who made it to the Final Four by defeating #1 seed, UConn, in overtime. UConn coach, Jim Calhoun, behaved like a prison bitch this past week, when he complained that the NCAA purposely set up the possible scenario that a #1 seed may have to play a game in another schools home town. "Hey Schmuck!" If you think the NCAA figured you would play an 11th seed in the elite 8, you need to put down the pipe. The fact you were playing an 11th seed to get to the final four, was a gift, that you failed to take advantage of.

I'm Not a Racist...But

Please allow me this opportunity to vent. Nothing pisses me off more than highly educated, wealthy white people, who call the police whenever an African American or Hispanic person is seen in their neighborhood. This past week I took a call from a resident who spotted a black man walking his dog up and down the street. The caller thought this was suspicious activity and the police should come out and investigate.

Every week I get at least 2 or 3 calls from people who have no legitimate cause for alarm, but see a minority in their neighborhood and it's the end of the world. If I had a dollar for every time a phone call began the call with "Hello, I'm not a racist, but their is a (pick a dark skinned minority) and none of them live on my block," I could retire from the 9-1-1 business. My all time favorite was "There is a Mexican woman walking down the street and none of my neighbors have any domestics." Residents of the North Shore do not realize that being Black or Hispanic in their towns is not a crime.



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