Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Nightmare Won't Go Away

Kudos to the Chicago Tribune and Log Cabin Republicans

Governor Rod Blagojevich incompetent/insensitive decision to appoint an adviser to Louis Farrakhan to serve on the Commission of Discrimination and Hate Crimes, continues to haunt his administration. The Chicago Tribune Editorial Page has called for the governor to "ask Muhammad publicly to renounce the anti-Semitic comments of Farrakhan--and ask her to leave the commission if she will not do so."

The Chicago chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans was not as generous as the Tribune. They have called for her to be removed from the panel. I hope that other GLBT organizations follow the Log Cabin lead and overlook Blagojevich Democratic label and pressure him to remove Claudette Marie Muhammad from the commission.

March Madness

That glorious time of the year is once again upon us. That's Right, March Madness, NCAA Basketball...Baby! Go Indiana! This Hoosier Alumnus isn't convinced IU is going to the big dance. IU needs one win in the Big Ten tourney to guarantee a bid. An IU loss and Michigan win during the conference tourney could mean "Hello NIT".

Great Article

I highly recommend the latest article by Washington Times, Editorial Page Editor, Tony Blankley.


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