Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Indiana Goes with Sampson / Sharon Stone Promotes Oral

Kevin Sampson Leaves OK for IU

ESPN and Fox Sports are reporting that Oklahoma Basketball Coach Kevin Sampson will leave the Sooners to become Head Basketball Coach at Indiana University. IU fans are not going to be happy with this decision. Sampson is a decent coach, but his clubs have underachieved under his reign. Like many Indiana Alumni, I wanted a coach with Indiana ties, who would have a leg up on in-state recruiting. Mike Davis had abandoned his backyard at IU and the results were obvious. Regardless, Sampson is the new coach, IU students, alumni and fans must welcome him with open arms (or arm in my case). Good luck coach. Try the subs at Dagwoods, they kick ass!

Want Your Kids Learning Sex from Sharon Stone

Imagine shopping with your teenage daughter and when you are not looking, actress Sharon Stone gives her a 2 minute speech on why to perform oral sex. The actress, Aids awareness activist and now Blow Job advocate, reportedly believes that teenagers should be aware of the health advantages to oral sex.

Teenage girls receiving sex advice from Sharon Stone is like me advocating less trips to the buffet table. This woman is best known for a movie scene exposing her vagina. Now granted, if she was promoting abstinence, it would be like a porn star wearing white on her wedding day. I got a great idea, Sharon...Get away from young girls and shut up! And Hollywood wonders why their opinions are met with such disdain.



At 4/04/2006 4:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude.. you ragging on my mom?


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