Monday, March 20, 2006

Endorsements, Common Sense and Pride

Primary Endorsements/History Lesson

In the fall of 2004, Illinois Republicans who didn't live in fairytale-land, realized their party had completely fallen apart. Two years earlier the party was already in shambles after the George Ryan debacle. However, it really hit the fan when Alan Keyes was named as a replacement candidate to run for senate. Keyes decided not to attempt to win office, but used the opportunity to get on his moral high horse. That reminds me, Alan, are you still judging and not speaking to your daughter because she is a lesbian? Like I said "moral high horse".

By this time it was believed by many including your brilliant blogger that the Illinois GOP would need a decade to get back on her feet and be competitive in state politics. Unforeseen was a gift-horse in the form of Rod Blagojevich. Since his election in 2002, the state has gone from bad to worse. Blago's approval rating has been between 27-32% depending on the source. It might be easier to find a supporter of Israel within the Iranian government than to find a person who will say, "Blagojevich is doing a good job". With that said, lets have some fun!


All four major candidates running for Governor under the GOP flag will be a huge improvement over Blagojevich. Honestly, Harry Carry after 7 innings of drinking under his belt would do a better job than this schmuck. Fiscally the four candidates are very similar. The differences are social policies. Bill Brady is conservative, Judy Baar Topinka and Rob Gidwitz are moderates and Jim Oberweis is a "fake conservative". Four years ago, Oberweis ran for senate (the first time) and compared the pro-life movement to the Taliban in Afghanistan. However, today he is the darling of the religious right. He made amends by making 6 figure donations to social conservative groups and they suddenly have forgiven him. As I write this, a recorded message from Phyllis Schlafly is going out endorsing him. Money over morals.

If social ideas are your priority than Bill Brady should be your choice. Brady is a great fiscal conservative legislature and is honest about his conservative social views. I may not agree with all his social views, but I do believe he would be the best governor of all the candidates. I can't endorse him because he is not electable in Illinois. Ron Gidwitz is also a respectable guy who has concentrated on tax and education reform during his campaign. Ironically, Topinka wanted him to be the replacement candidate in the 2004 Senate campaign. Today Gidwitz has attacked her mercilessly in the governor’s race. Gidwitz would make a good governor, but considering no one knows who he is south of Kankakee and he is polling at 9%, his candidacy is moot.

My endorsement goes to the person who can win in November, Judy Baar Topinka. Simply put, Topinka has an excellent chance to take out Blago. She is a fiscal conservative who has seen first hand as state treasurer how the governor has screwed everything up. She has been talking about fiscal restraint and bringing businesses back to Illinois. I also respect the fact that she does not compromise her beliefs. Topinka gets ridiculed for being a proponent of gay rights and a regular participant in the annual Gay Pride Parade. Agree or disagree she shows character and unwillingness to compromise her beliefs for political gain. She does not support gay marriage, but like our President and Vice President, supports civil unions. Vote Topinka!

Endorsements II...Democrats?

Don't be so shocked! If you use crack or have a job the requires you to kiss the "ass". There are two elections you should be interested in. In the governor’s race, Blago has a challenger in Edwin Eisendrath. Even though Eisendrath isn't anything to write home about he has done two things in his life worth consideration. Eisendrath has a history of fighting incompetence within the Democratic Party. In 1990 he was the first Democrat to realize that Congressman Sidney Yates, who had been in office since Harry Truman, needed to go. He challenged him in the primary and lost. Today he sees a similar incompetence and is challenging Blagojevich. My GOP friends will hate me for saying it, but if you must pull a Democrat ballot...Vote Eisendrath. However, it must be stated that all four GOP gubernatorial candidates are much better choices than Eisendrath.

The race for Cook County Board President is between longtime Daley family ass-kiss and Democratic Hack, John Stroger and former Daley Chief of Staff, Forest Claypool. I can honestly say that Stroger is the most incompetent office holder in Cook County today. This guy hasn't seen a tax hike he didn't like. In fact he has purposely held meetings during the wee hours of the morning, so the media wouldn't be around top cover and report his tax increases and decreases in services. He is the reason cigarette and gasoline prices are ridiculously higher in Cook County than the rest of the state. This arrogant elected official had country hospital named after him to "Stroger Hospital". Now you can wait 8-12 hours to see a doctor or get meds filled while sitting in the building with his name on it. Dems should vote for Forest Claypool. Why, because he isn't John Stroger.

Back to GOP

For the position of Lt. Governor, there are two great choices. Steve Rauscheberger and Joe Burkett. I am not going to endorse either candidate because you can't make a bad choice. I am leaning toward Burkett because he is technically Topinka's running mate. However, you do vote for the Lt. Gov. candidate separately in the primary. Again, you can't make a bad choice between these two. Note: I do believe there are two other candidates, but their campaigns are moot.

8th Congressional District

A solid group of candidates are running to be the challenger to Democrat Melissa Bean. The two breakout candidates are Dave McSweeney and Kathi Salvi. I am disturbed at how mean-spirited this race has gotten between these two worthy candidates. However, if anyone understands the game it is your brilliant blogger. Both candidates are worthy of your support. I am not going to make an endorsement, but it should be noted that all polling data shows that Kathi Salvi has a better chance to defeat Melissa Bean.

Go Johnny Go!

I am excited about the candidacy of my good friend John Lartz, for Judge in the 12th Judicial Subcircuit. This area includes most of the North and Northwest suburbs. To show how strongly I support John, I will let you know a secret about John's shameful past. He is a graduate of Purdue University. As an Indiana Alumnus it's hard to support anything that has come out of West Lafayette, Indiana, but John is that good and worthy of your vote.

Committeeman for Northfield and Maine Township

I strongly support June O'Donoghue (Northfield) and Robert Provenzano (Maine).
Currently both organizations are in turmoil and need change. Both are worthy candidates.

Say No to Nazis

Sadly the 3rd Congressional District has a former member of the American Nazi Party, Arthur Jones, attempting to gain the GOP nomination for congress. I am proud to say that the Illinois GOP did not take this sitting down and have actively fought this bigot. Currently electronic phone calls are going out to perspective voters alerting them of this hate-monger. The Illinois GOP asked your brilliant blogger to write the message going out to voters. I strongly endorse Ray Wardingly in the 3rd District for Congress.

A Personal Note to Fellow Jewish Voters.

Any Jew, who would even consider for a split second, voting for Blagojevich, needs to have their face shoved in a shit covered photo of Blagojevich and beaten like dog, while fellow Jews yell "No". If you need a reason, click here. If you still don’t know what I am talking about consider moving to beachfront property in Iran.



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Ah, Paulie...I love it when you play Spokesperson for the Jews.

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