Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 7/25/06

Progressives Hate Israel

During the late 80's and early 90's, the far left realized that describing themselves as "liberals" was a political death sentence. It was at this time that a very old term, one commonly used during the 1890's to 1920's, "Progressive", began gaining traction amongst the far left. These self-described Progressives believe they think on a different level that will move the country and world forward. The truth is they are anti-capitalism, social regressives, anti-America and in many cases anti-Semitic and at minimum hate Israel.
Currently in the United States, the American public and politicians on both sides of the aisle support Israel in their war against Hezbollah. Some of the usual critics of Israel such as Boston Globe columnist James Carroll and Israeli writer/activist Amos OZ realize that Israel is simply defending themselves against an enemy that doesn't want a two-state solution, but an Israel with no Jews.

Unfortunately, too many Americans on the Progressive left are condemning Israel's effort to defend themselves. A recent statement by Progressive Democrats of America is nothing short of shameful. These idiots are still blaming the conflict on the so-called Israeli occupation. Israel evacuated from Gaza and hasn't been in Lebanon since 2000. The attacks against Israel are purely based in a hatred for Jews and the Jewish State. However, the so called voice of the Progressive movement, PDA, places the blame almost entirely on Israel.

Last week the United States Senate and House passed bills showing support for Israel's war against Hezbollah. The Senate bill was unanimously approved, but House Resolution 921, was approved 410-8 with 4 voting present only. With exception of Texas Republican, Ron Paul, who is an isolationist Libertarian, the no votes were all Democrats as was the 4 present only votes. Neil Abercrombie, John Conyers, John Dingell, Carolyn Kilpatrick, Jim McDermott, Nick Rahall, Pete Stark all voted against Israel, while Marcy Kaptur, Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters refused to support Israel and voted present. I'm not criticizing the Democratic Party regarding this vote. They supported the bill overwhelmingly, but the names above are prominent players in the Progressive movement. Conyers, Waters and Kucinich are favorites amongst Progressives. The entire list is a who's who of the anti-Israel crowd. Progressive media darling, Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga), was a no show for the vote. That's probably a good thing.

The greatest example of Progress disdain for Israel comes from the current movements greatest influence...Europe. Progressivism is heavily influenced by European Socialism. Universal Health Care, Free Higher Education and growing anti-Semitism, common traits in Europe are heavily influencing the Progressive Movement. Sadly, many far left Jews such as Air America founder, Sheldon Drobny, are unwilling to admit to themselves the growing hate for Jews and Israel. Sadly Drobny and other Jews heavily finance and support this movement.

American Jews and Israelis are grateful to the Bush administration and both political party's for their overwhelming support for Israel during this crucial time. However, as time goes by and it becomes apparent that Israel and the Bush administration want a long term solution regarding Hezbollah instead of a band-aid, I question how supportive many Democrats will be. Progressives are a Cancer within the Democratic Party. This Cancer is growing and is arguable already dominating the body. I worry that most of the Party will eventually fall prey to the anti-Israel dark side...Let's hope my concerns don't become reality.



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