Monday, July 24, 2006

Party Time Skokie Style

Topinka Addresses RJC

Illinois State Treasurer and Republican candidate for governor, Judy Baar Topinka, addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition last night at the Holiday INN in Skokie. Unfortunately, my work scheduled forbid me from attending, but my father was present at the event, which also featured GOP candidate for County Board President, Tony Peraica.

According to the old man, her speech, comments and QA went very well. My father was very pleased with what he heard from Topinka, especially her strong disapproval of Governor Blagojevich's decision to appoint a follower and adviser of Louis Farrakhan to a panel on hate crimes and discrimination. Topinka told the crowd "If the governor is so afraid of alienating the black community he should simply disband the commission." Topinka has stated in the past that she gives credit to a visit to Israel and her praying at the Wailing Wall for her political success. My father was so impressed with the event, he joined the RJC and is a full dues paying member. Don't tell my mother...Oh wait she reads this, ahhh Hi Mom!

I have said a hundred times and will continue saying it, the race for governor is a no-brainer. Blagojevich continues to take this state backwards economically and ethically. His decision appoint a Farrakhan follower to the hate crimes commission was bad enough, but his refusal to ask her to disavow Farrakhan anti-Semitic and homophobic statements was offensive. Topinka may not be the greatest conservative, but she understands you can't create an environment unfriendly to business if you want to bring jobs to the state of Illinois. She also doesn't believe anti-Semites should be permitted to serve on panels fighting discrimination. No Jew in their right mind would support Blagojevich. No person who has a clue about state government would vote for Blago.

Rally for Israel
A few protestors were heard

About 500 people showed up at Ezra Habonim, the Niles Township Jewish Congregation in Skokie yesterday, to show their support for Israel and their war against Hezbollah. At the same time about 30-50 people opposing Israel gathered across the street. The event did get heated at certain points, Skokie police requested assistance from other towns to maintain the peace. In a refreshing change, none of the protestors brought their little children dressed up as suicide bombers. I guess those outfits are uncomfortable in the summer.

interesting Note: What is always interesting about the anti-Israel crowd is the woman are often dressed in a manner that if they wore the same outfits in (pick a Muslim country) they would be beaten to death in the street. Last week the Washington Post ran a photo of two Arab women protesting outside the Israeli consulant in New York. They were wearing blue jeans and shirts with the belly button showing. Besides realizing they need to cut back on the Mocha Latte's, It occurred to me that if they were dressed in this manner (pick a Muslim country) they would be killed.



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