Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 06/06/06

Bad Week for Politics

There are two items taking up the headlines this week and both are prime examples of what is wrong with politics.

The first subject is the anti-gay marriage debate currently going on in the senate. There is no issue that I disagree with fellow conservatives more than their adamant objection to gay marriage. This argument about protecting families and the institution of marriage being vital to the future of our society is nothing but a front for homophobia and religious groups disdain for homosexuals. If they are so concerned about the institution of marriage, don't make getting a divorce, especially if you have children, so damn easy.

I believe that I have the most conservative view of marriage. I don't believe the government should recognize any marriage. I sure don't need Uncle Same recognizing my marriage to my beloved. Marriage is purely a religious act. My wife and I got married in the eyes of God, not government. Government for purely legal reasons should recognize official relationships or civil unions for anyone who want to marry. If a religious institution is willing to marry same sex individuals, it's called freedom of religion and therefore none of the governments business. If same sex couple want to be viewed as a couple by the government for the reasons I gave above, than they have every right. Why should heterosexual couples care.

From a religious perspective the bible is pretty clear that homosexuality is a sin. However, we are all sinners and how conveniently most religious people forget about loving the sinner hate the sin. Instead the majority of society discriminates against gays and too many people have hate in their hearts for homosexuals. That hate is the biggest sin of all.

If my friends on the right are so desperate for an issue to unite the base in November, try cutting spending, pushing school choice, downsizing government and securing the border without offering amnesty to 12 million illegals. Amending the constitution to get re-elected is simply wrong.

The second issue is the incident in Haditha, Iraq. The United States government has a responsibility to investigate what happened in Haditha and if it is determined that a crime was committed, those involved should be punished. Shamefully, the Democrats, the anti-war/military left and the media have been salivating at the mouth since the story broke with the hope to use the incident for political purposes. These groups have already convicted our fighting men and women and cannot wait to use this event, regardless of the facts, to undermine our efforts in Iraq and put our troops in greater harms way.

Everyday I get more and more angry with the Republican party for the way they have increased spending and the size of government. The marriage protection act I mentioned bothers me greatly as well as the horrible immigration bill proposed. However, every time I get mad at the GOP, I find myself getting more angy at the Democrats. In a post 9/11 world, the Democrats continue to show their disdain for our boys and girls who protect our freedoms and are badly needed to fight the war against terrorism. However, the left continues to focus all their energy on hating President Bush and now they want to unfairly treat military personnel to help plot the President's demise. Innocent until proven guilty!



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