Friday, June 02, 2006

Publishing by Uncle and Nephew

Good Reading

My Uncle Abraham Miller and I have both recently published writings in two highly respected web-zines. Check out my latest piece
Democrats Shouldn't Throw Stones in today's edition of Chronwatch. This is my first published commentary in the San Francisco based magazine, established to balance the far left propaganda published by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Abe has out done himself and has written a brilliant piece marking the 65th anniversary of the
Farhud. This piece is a must, especially for Jews and people who considers themselves students of history. Check out Remembering the Farhud in Frontpage Magazine.


After you have been intellectually challenged by myself and my uncle, I highly recommend continuing your journey into enlightenment by reading Ben Stein's column in American Spectator. Keeping the Faith is a brilliant perspective of the war in Iraq.



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