Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Last Moderate Speaks

Kondracke Words Shouldn't Be Ignored

At a time when every journalist and columnist can be labeled a partisan pundit, the last true moderate tackles the issue of how partisan politics may be threatening American lives. Roll Call editor Mort Kondracke editorial published in Jewish World Review and other prominent webzine publications harshly criticizes modern day journalism and politicians regarding their efforts to undermine the war on terrorism simply because they hate the President. Agree or disagree with Kondracke, his commentary is well worth reading. What makes his commentary more intriguing is that Kobdracke is no partisan hack. His opinion is one of a true moderate and a refreshing change to read since he is not an left or right wing ideologue. Check it out.

Education for Sale
Governor whores state for political benefit

Since last Saturday's announcement that Illinois State Senator James Meeks will not seek the governors office as an Independent third party candidate, everyone has been asking why, what deal was made? Meeks has been demanding that the governor drastically increase education spending. Governor Blagojevich promised to prioritize education when he ran in 2002, but schools continue to worsen under his regime. However, Blago has a temporary fix for his problem...or at least through the November election.

Blago has
proposed selling the State Lottery. The plan apparently lacks details, but supposedly will bring in 4 billion dollars over the next 4 years. The kicker is that the proposal will have too be supported by the state legislature, which is on hiatus til fall. Blago will be able to spew his so called education reform through election day, since the plan can't be voted on until after November and he has found a way to keep Meeks out of the race.

Blago's creativity is not surprising. Last week Blago was hammered by major newspapers statewide after the
Chicago Sun Times uncovered a computer list of patronage jobs given out by his administration. Blago was having a bad week and a Meeks candidacy would of made things worse. However, he has avoided a Meeks fiasco by creating an optical illusion. Time will only tell if the public can see through the lies and if the Topinka campaign is competent enough to capitalize.

Dixie Chicks vs The View

Country music stars the Dixie Chicks made international news when they publicly dissed President Bush in 2003. Agree or disagree with their views, they have every right to their opinion as does the public have a right to buy or not buy their albums, use their photo on dart boards in Honky Tonks and of course publicly demand to know if Natalie Manes and Miss Piggy are the same person. Currently these ladies are on the cover of Time magazine and in an interview they apparently made comments not particularly appreciated by fellow leftist-activists on The View. "We are furious!" roared "View" moderator Meredith Vieira in the opening moments of the show, "Furious!" This was in response to comments the band made regarding limiting their appearances to only "high-caliber" shows. The band claims to have a new motto, "what would Bruce Springsteen do?" They go on to ask if Springsteen would do The View.

For once I Agree with the Dixie Chicks. The View is a garbage program, but the comments made by the band will not help their cause. It's one thing to piss off half the country, but they are now well on their way to angering the other half. At this rate the biggest venue they will be filling up is the "Little Old Opry" on Route 46 in Nashville, Indiana. However, we all should defend respect their right to speak their minds, but they better be able to deal with the consequences. None of them are pretty enough to get pole work at a Tennessee gentleman's Club.



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