Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 4/18/06

Former Illinois Governor to become Prison Bitch

Guilty on all charges" echoed across Illinois yesterday when former governor, George Ryan, was convicted Monday on sweeping federal corruption charges of wielding power to help himself and his friends. The impact of this case from a Chicago and National perspective is uncanny. The old Chicago style of pay to play politics is quickly ending. Politicians in Cook County, Springfield and every corner of the country be warned that a precedent has been set for corrupt politicians to be taken down when the Federal Prosecutor isn't motivated by politics or tied to the corruption they are suppose to be fighting. Don't be surprised if two more powerful Chicago/Illinois politicians find themselves in the same boat soon. I won't tell you who, but their initials are RD and RB. To get a great perspective on this case read John Kass
in today's Tribune. The best quote coming from yesterday's verdict came from a juror who told the media, "I feel a little wiser now. ... I think I saw an up-close view of real life, how government works."

911... Not for Traffic Reports

I could not believe my ears yesterday when I answered a cellular 911 call and the voice on the other end said "Hey, is this traffic on the Edens backed up from the Loop?" In my amazement I replied "sir, your calling 911 for a traffic report?" The caller hesitated for second and responded "Well, I just want an update on this traffic." I simply repeated "your calling 911 for a traffic report." I than asked the moron to turn on his radio for traffic information and disconnected the call.

Happy Birthday Noah

No he's not a 1 year old yet, but today he is 6 months old and this is my blog and do not apologize for the constant references to my unbelievably beautiful children. Happy 6 month birthday Noah, mommy and daddy love you and thank God everyday for blessing us with you and your brother.



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