Saturday, April 22, 2006

Surprise after Surprise after Surprise

Surprised My Mommy

This past Friday night my brother, sister and myself had a surprise 60th birthday party for our mom. Grandma Phyl as Ethan affectionately calls her, thought she was being picked up for a nice dinner with her kids and grandchildren. After driving 100 yards to the complex club house, she saw my brother, wife, grandchildren and grandnephews holding a sign that said SURPRISE! My mom was in awe, but the best was yet to come. Upon entering the party room, she was greeted by close friends and family, including her best friend from Denver, Marguerite and our my wonderful Aunt Molly from San Francisco. I was grateful my brother was a paramedic because she was in near cardiac arrest in being overwhelmed with joy. However any event that has a majority of middle aged Jews, you can guarantee at least a couple doctors in the accountants an attorneys. Anyway, the event was spectacular including great food catered by Nancys in Niles and surprisingly good birthday cake from Sams Club. Word of advice to anyone who is holding a big party with many Jewish guests. You can never have too much cake. Remember, Jews eat...Gentiles drink.

Harry Reid in Trouble

I have been screaming at the top of highest mountain that Republicans are in trouble this November. Abandoning their core principals of fiscal responsibility and limited government, while PR blunders have become a daily occurrence within the administration. However, I always have said everytime the GOP digs themselves a hole, the Dems grab the shovel and dig deeper. A recent poll shows senate minority leader, Harry Reid, in deep trouble. Reid's approval rating has dropped to 43%, while his disapproval rating has nearly tripled to 39%. During an election year, if your approval rating drops below 50%, you are in trouble.

When Reid became minority leader, people like me thought he would be good for the Dems. He was a moderate, good on defense and taxes. He was perfect for a state such as Nevada, which hates taxes and loves their sins. However, Dingy Harry decided to become a puppet of the far-left, which dominates the Democratic Party. Agree or disagree with my analogy, his constituents appear to be taking notice. Somebody better reconsider kissing the Progressive Ass and rethink what got him elected in the first place.

Watch Your Wallet

Expect the situation regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions to worsen and continue scaring the oil market driving up gas prices. This would be a great time for lawmakers to suspend taxing gasoline. Don't expect this to occur, especially in areas controlled by Dems. The party of Ted, Hillary and Harry, will utilize the high prices as a tool to beat up on the GOP. Of course the right thing to do would have been to allow off-shore drilling and don't forget about Anwar. Republicans aren't innocent. I guarantee the party that has forgotten about fiscal responsibility is afraid to lower the gas taxes, since they need to still pay for all their bloated projects.

This subject will not be going away. Regardless of Wallstreet's great week with oil topping $75 a barrel. Americans will panic this summer if gas hits $4 bucks a gallon nationwide.



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