Wednesday, April 19, 2006

60 Years Old Today

Happy Birthday Mom

Harry Truman was President. The St.Louis cardinals defeated the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series and my mother, Phyllis Gene Berlin, was born. Happy Birthday mom, you have been a terrific mother and I hope your around another 60 years...I just don't want to be in the same apartment complex during the next six decades....I love you!

Cut Your Hair Hippie

Chicago White Sox team owner Jerry Reinsdorf has ordered third baseman Joe Crede and catcher Aj Pierzynski, to cut their hair. Chicago sports writers and the untalented sports radio hosts are making a big issue out of Reinsdorf's directive. However, the two Sox players don't care and aren't complaining about being sent to the barber. Pierzynski already had an appointment before the "the man" told him to get the cut. "I let it grow every winter and get it cut in April or May," Pierzynaski said. "I'm too lazy in the off-season to get it cut."

Tribune Writer, Rick Morrissey, is disappointed that former baseball great and big hair icon, Oscar Gamble, agrees that players must abide by team rules regarding grooming. "Remember back when no one could wear facial hair or long sideburns." said Gamble. "All that change with Oakland in the 1970's. I was with Cleveland and me and dave Duncan started wearing long hair. I guess it grew on me."

The controversy that doesn't surround this situation is made up by sports media morons who are trying to add gasoline to a fire that was never lit. It's bad enough that news and political journalists create controversy that shouldn't exist, but to do so in the entertaining world of professional sports truly sucks.



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