Monday, April 24, 2006

Government Sucks & Open Season on Iran

Six Percent Only

A study released by Consortium on Chicago School Research concluded that only 6 out of 100 Chicago Public High School Freshmen will eventually earn a Bachelors degree. The numbers are even worse for African Americans and Latinos. I don't know what more evidence community leaders, politicians and parents need to realize that the public school system in America is failing our children. When politicians on both sides of the aisle talk about education, they talk about what is best for the kids and the answer is always more money for education. The problem is that we continue to increase school funding, but education is getting worse. Truth is that schools have plenty of money, but mandating the incompetent, bureaucratic Federal government to educate our children and politicians refusing to hold educators accountable because they don't want to make an enemy of the Teachers Unions is what will be the demise of our children's ability to compete globally.

You may argue that this study only points to the problems regarding the Chicago Public School system. I guarantee that this study is reflective of urban America. Children in the U.S. continue to rank near the bottom in all categories among Industrial nations. The time for real school reform is passed and we have catching up to do. If you don't believe we have a crisis at hand and the education system isn't shameful, click and read. I will have plenty on this issue in the future, especially since my children will be entering school sooner than later.

George Ryan: Maybe the norm not the exception

One of my favorite think tanks is the Chicago-based, Heartland Institute. Heartland President Joseph Bast, has a fantastic commentary in today's Chicago Suntimes. Bast talks about recently convicted, former Illinois Governor, George Ryan. Bast does a great job of explaining how a guy like Ryan abandons his convictions, becomes a big government hack in bed with special interest. Bast takes a position that every area of government on every level has a George Ryan and eventually makes the argument for Term Limits. Agree or disagree, it is an excellent piece.

Open Season on Iran

Check out my most recent publishing in Israel Hasbara regarding the Iran nuclear threat facing the United States and Israel.



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