Friday, February 24, 2006

Carter and Blagojevich...@##%$#

This morning I received a phone call from my father and the conversation went something like this.

Dad: Did you see the Sun Times today?

Paulie: Not yet

Dad: Turn to page 3, you won't believe what that fucking asshole did now!

Paulie: Which asshole? Carter, Jackson, Clinton, Gore...who?

Dad: No, that fucking Blagojevich! Is he just stupid?

It turns out that Blago has appointed an advisor to Louis Farrakhan to sit on a Hate Crimes Panel.

Click on above highlight to read this disturbing article.

Speaking of disturbing, did you catch the great shame of America, Jimmy Carter, op-ed piece in the Washington Post Monday?

When I wrote the commentary, Silver Lining in Hamas Win, I was dead on about this disgrace to humanity. He honestly believes that Israel, US and Europe should continue financial support for the PA under Hamas rule.

This idiot is already setting the stage to blame Israel and the U.S. for Hamas failures. No person in their right mind would give Hamas a dime until they dismantle all arms, officially recognize Israel, remove the destruction of Israel paragraph from their charter, allow religious freedom within Palestinian society and call the President of Iran an asshole.

Carter believes that Hamas wiith the financial tools to run a government will mend their ways. My question to the ex-President is "even if you are correct
(stop laughing), what is an acceptable number of murdered Jews by a US/Europe/Israel financed terrorist group before we see your vision come true".



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