Friday, August 08, 2008

Shabbat Shalom 7 Av 5768

America shows the world true Justice
Bin Laden driver gets fair trial and lite sentence

Salim Hamdan claimed that he had nothing to do with terrorist operations of Al Qaeda and he only worked for Osama Bin Laden as a driver and bodyguard. Who happened to carry multiple missile launchers in the trunk of his car.

This past week he was found guilty by a military tribunal on 5 counts of supporting terrorism. He was also found not guilty on multiple counts of conspiracy to commit murder and attack on civilians. Proving once again that in the United States even the most despicable criminals receive a fair trial and must be convicted based on evidence not perception.

While the media outlets sympathetic to terrorism such as the BBC claim that the trial was "a dramatic snub to the Bush administration," the truth is that even though the government was disappointed in the short sentence of 5 1/2 years, the defendant received a fair trial and was sentenced by six independent minded military officers who made their decision independent of the prosecutions wishes. The White House said the trial was "fair," which will only be disputed by anti-American groups such as Amnesty International and the ACLU back home.

The trial was a victory for President Bush, America and the war on terrorism. Most important it was a victory for Freedom and Justice for the world to witness.

9-1-1 abuse defines nanny state
Law enforcement can only blame themselves

Most of us had a good laugh recently after hearing news reports about a man who called 9-1-1 after his local Subway restaurant forgot to put his sauce of choice on his sandwich. After reading the story or hearing the call on news broadcasts, rational people can't believe that a person would call 9-1-1 because of a fast food mistake. However have you ever called 9-1-1 for directions, traffic updates or to get the non-emergency number? What about to ask whats going on in your neighborhood after seeing police cars or fire trucks? If you have, you may be an idiot too!

For those who aren't aware, your brilliant blogger is a 9-1-1 dispatcher in his private life. Yes I do have unbelievable stories, but most of them are because the public too often utilizes 9-1-1 not for public safety or immediate emergency situations, but because they view 9-1-1 as an accessory to manage their daily lives.

"Hi, I need directions," a very common call I receive. "What's the weather outside?" or "My cable is out." These are just a small example of the ridiculous use of 9-1-1 your brilliant blogger experience's on a weekly basis. Granted I have never had a person call me over condiments, but waiting too long at a restaurant or a teenager angry that daddy won't give them an advance on their allowance, it happens.

In the new publication Schmuck Weekly, there are examples of 9-1-1 abuse that I can't describe on my blog due to decency standards I have set up for Paulies Point. They make the Subway restaurant seem more tolerable than what's published on the SW site.

Unfortunately nobody but law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve are responsible for this abuse. When we receive ridiculous requests, too often dispatchers fulfill them. I'm guilty of providing what can only be described as concierge or customer service to citizens calling 9-1-1. Sure I have told people to call the non-emergency number, but by no means can I chide someone for taken up emergency phone lines, even if it's entirely possible that a person having a heart-attack may not be able to get through. I would be disciplined or worse.

When we ignore abuse and refuse to fine or arrest people who use 9-1-1 in a manner that is blatant disorderly conduct, we in fact encourage this bad behavior. Some communities even educate citizens to call 9-1-1 for all police matters. Chicago and other major cities have activated a non-emergency system of dialing 3-1-1. This should be instituted nationwide. It may cater to the nanny state idea, but it serves to protect the public by opening up more emergency phone lines. Why should the majority be endangered by the ignorant and spoiled?

The 9-1-1 profession is also to blame. Professional organizations that should be promoting public safety are often teaching customer service. I recall taking a class last year in which we were privy to a call of a woman calling 9-1-1 because the Burger King had screwed up her order in the drive-thru and she wanted the police to watch them properly make the sandwich.

The instructor asked the attendees what was the appropriate response. Most dispatchers said no response and explain to the caller this was not a police matter. I agreed with that assessment and for the dispatcher to call the restaurant and make sure the caller wasn't causing a disturbance inside or outside the restaurant.

According to the so-called expert instructor, a unit must be sent to discuss the situation face to face with the complainant. I strongly disagree with using public safety personnel in this manner. Apparently I'm wrong. The ex-husband attempting to kill his former wife will have to have a less than adequate response because another officer is tied up dealing with the ketchup issues on a Whopper.



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