Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesdays with Paulie 7/29/08

Now it's Rev. Meeks turn for the spotlight
Obama spiritual adviser planning to interrupt first day of school

Illinois State Sen. James Meeks (D) is well-known in Chicago and most of Illinois for various reasons. A few years back his vehicle was pulled over by a white Chicago cop who he later claimed put a gun in his face. The evidence later showed that the officer pulled his gun from his holster after Meeks refused to stay in his vehicle during the traffic stop. Standard procedure for every law enforcement agency in America. Meeks never apologized for his false accusations.

Meeks is also well-known for his hatred of homosexuals. As the pastor of Salem Baptist Church, he has used his pulpit to preach his disdain for gays to a level that makes Pat Robertson look like the Grand Marshall of the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.

A lesser known fact about Meeks is that he is the third spiritual mentor listed by Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama in his book Audacity of Hope. The other two being Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Father Jeffrey Pfleger.

With Wright and Pfleger garnering national headlines, Meeks doesn't want to be outdone by his fellow preachers of hate. Yesterday media outlets in Chicago began reporting that he is asking Chicago children to skip the first day of school and get on one of his buses and travel to various upper-middle class and wealthy suburbs and try to register at their schools.

Meeks claims he is a champion of Children fighting the education funding inequalities in the Chicago area. While there is no doubt that spending on students greatly differs from community to community, the truth is that every school, because of the federal government, has more than enough money to educate children. The reality that not enough people want to accept the fact that the education system and the national education association are the reasons too many children receive a mediocre education.

Meeks subscribes to the Democratic idea of wealth redistribution. Sure wealthy suburbs spend more money on their children to educate them, they pay for it in property taxes. People decide where they want to live and therefore have the right to see their money spent on their children. While I agree that it's sad that any child must suffer from the insufficiency's of a parent or parents. Education woes are the fault of a majority of parents unwilling to fight the system and change it to one where parents can choose how their kids are educated. Yes I am talking about school choice.

If there is one no-brainer in America today it's school choice. While men like Meeks rather steal from whitey and give to anyone who isn't white, they can careless about truly helping children. Instead of using their bully pulpit and political power to change the system and solve problems, they rather promote the racial and economic divide. Blame is a better political weapon than solutions.

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