Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Media quiet about Obama as opening act

Obama is no headliner
Music fans came to hear music not Socialism

I recall the front page of the Chicago Sun Times this past May when Barack Obama was on the cover addressing a crowd as far as the eye can see. The rally took place in Portland and every newspaper in America as well as the major networks wrote puff pieces comparing him to a Rock stars drawing crowds of thousands. What the media failed to mention was that his speech was preceeded by real rock stars The Decemberists, a Portland-based band that has been the darling of music critics since their 2005 debut album Picaresque.

In the nearly 3 months since that staged event and media deception took place, the alternative press has broken the story and to counterpounch, the left-wing blogosphere has tried to dismiss their concerns. Your brilliant blogger got a big laugh when reading the Huffington Post try to downplay the popularity of the featured band.

"As the Decemberists are a modestly successful indie outfit, more apt to perform at venues such as the 1,200-person capacity 9:30 Club, it would be more accurate to suggest that the promise of an Obama rally is a great inducement to come see the Decemberists, rather than the reverse."

Nice try! The Decemberists are hugely popular aternative rock band. As I previously stated they are a favorite among critics, been featured in Rolling Stone and even made their mark on the "Colbert Report" on Comdey Central. They are to Portland as John Mellencamp is to Indianapolis or Bon Jovi is to New Jersey.

Could the media get away with misleading voters of another event where Obama wasn't the featured act, but more like the stand-up comic as the opening act? They sure did try and as of now have succeeded.

Obama's recent European tour was centered around his speech in Berlin. While the New York Times and the rest of his media allies claimed that he "drew a crowd of more than 200,000," It turns out that the people didn't come to see him.

I'm sure you'll recall that great photo of Obama appearing small in front of an endless sea of his European faithful. Obama appeared larger than life (David Axelrod campaign stunt) in front of the cheering German youth. However the people didn't come to see Obama, they were waiting for the German Reggae singer Patrice and the band Reamonn. That's right the media Messiah was a mere opening act, performing for an audience who wanted to hear music, not be part of a political stunt orchestrated by an American politician and his campaign manager.

While there is no doubt that Europeans prefer Obama over McCain, which is a good reason not to vote for Obama, this idea that he is viewed as a modern day Elvis is nothing but media hype. Sure he has his fans and the young kids love him. However the young voters also loved Howard Dean in 2004.

I can only pray that the majority of Americans can see past the media and hollywood creation that is Barack Obama. No ideas and no substance is who Obama is. The ideas he does have are very European, which is why they like him. Unfortunately for America the Europeans ideas I'm referring too are Socialism and Appeasement.

Palestinians ask Israel to save their lives
Hamas gunning for fellow countrymen

It would of been an interesting sight to see. Nearly 200 Palestinians fearing for their lives from Hamas, ran to safety seeking help from the Israeli Defense Forces. That's right. Palestinians fearing they will be murdered by their Arab brothers seek held and protection from Jews.

As Hamas began cracking down on their political rival Fatah last Saturday, 180 men including members the Hilles Clan fled to Israel, were an IDF military operation took place under enemy fire to save the fleeing Palestinians. That evening many people seeking the destruction of the Jewish State were receiving protection and medical treatment from those they hope to one day murder.

At the request of worthless PA President Mahmoud Abbas, the men were returned to the Palestinian territory on Sunday. Upon returning many of the individuals were arrested by Hamas. At first Abbas was going to grant the majority of his Fatah brothers passage to the West Bank, but change his mind only permitting five Fatah members safe passage.

It's amazing with stories such as this one that any rational person could believe that Hamas has an ounce of human decency and that the Israel/Arab conflict is equal in fault. If you ever had a situation in which Jews were running for their lives and needed help from Palestinians or any Muslim/Arab country, the nation they would be running too would undoubtedly welcome the people in need with gun fire. Women and children too.

It's our value of human life that makes us better than them.



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