Friday, July 11, 2008

Shabbat Shalom 8 Tamuz 5768

Hey Michelle! Why does Jesse have my nuts?
Why does Rev. Jesse Jackson want to castrate Obama?

Once again the Rev. Jesse Jackson finds himself in hot water for a comment he made, while believing he was secure from the scrutiny of the media. Paulies Point readers are well aware of Jackson's comment to an African American journalist in 1984 referring to New York City as "Hymietown." At that time he believed a fellow African American would cover for him. He was wrong and the journalist did his job.

This past Sunday the reverend thought microphones were off before a Fox News interview. His target this time wasn't the Jews, but Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

"Barack been talking down to black people," Jackson said and then added, "I want to cut his nuts off."

What was also interesting about the comment, which was missed by every journalist in America, except John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, is the gesture Jackson made while saying, "cut his nuts off." Viewing the video you can clearly see the reverend making a cutting motion with his right hand. This is very significant because it shows that Jackson isn't just blurting words, he's emotionally involved in the comment regarding the testicles of the Illinois senator.

Your brilliant blogger has stated numerous times that Obama is a threat to the very existence of Rev. Jackson and his fellow poverty pimp Rev. Al Sharpton. These men have made millions of dollars off the suffering and perceived suffering of Black people in America. The idea that a young man such as Obama, who was viewed as an Uncle Tom just a few years back by the African American political landscape, is now the most prominent black voice in America and may possibly occupy the Oval office, is a threat to these men.

Jackson in the video is clearly angry at Obama for talking about responsibility and his support for faith-based charities. You may recall that in recent years African American leaders have chided Bill Cosby for talking about self-reliance and responsibility as well. Jackson has made his living off blame. Blame Whitey, Blame America and you owe us. These are the mantra's that Jackson has made his fortune from and an African American President greatly reduces the basis for his life-long argument.

One argument that is out there that I don't buy, but is worth mentioning is that this is a setup orchestrated by the Obama campaign with Jackson. Show the reverend dissing Obama and you score points with Independents and Hillary supporting blue collar Democrats who do not respect Jackson. Believing Jackson has not interest in seeing Obama win in November, I don't believe this notion. I do believe stemming from the same argument that this incident helps Obama.

Obama will get 92-97% of the African American vote no matter what any prominent African American says about him that is negative. So how do you help Obama with Whites, Hispanics and Jews? Jesse Jackson dissing him. If you don't believe me then ask yourself why would the media make the story the headline for two straight days, especially MSNBC? Because it helps Barack.

McCain adviser puts foot in mouth
Phil Gramm useless then, useless now

Former Texas senator Phil Gramm recently referred to the economic slowdown as "a mental recession" and called the United States “a nation of whiners.” Gramm has always been tactfully challenged, so who cares what he thinks? Right!

Unfortunately he is a top level economic adviser for John McCain. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee immediately disavowed the remark saying Phil Gramm "does not speak for me — I speak for me." "So I strongly disagree," McCain told reporters at a press conference.

One of things I like about McCain is that he is utilizing Steve Forbes as an economic adviser. Forbes has a brilliant financial mind, understands the importance of limited government, low/flat taxation and the free market. So why Gramm is along for the ride?

The truth is that Gramm and McCain are longtime friends from the senate. McCain appreciates and rewards loyalty and friendship, so he threw his old buddy a bone. However it's time to take away the bone and put his friend in the doghouse.

To be fair to Gramm, his remarks weren't necessarily inaccurate, just callous and insensitive.

Even though people are undoubtedly hurting, especially with high gas and food costs, much of the problem is perception not factual. He is right that we continue to experience economic growth at the low rate of 1 percent despite what the media wants us to believe.

He is right regarding the comment that we are nation of "whinners." However he is referring to the naysayers who are always harping on the negatives and putting America down. "You just hear this constant whining, complaining about a loss of competitiveness, America in decline despite a major export boom that is the primary reason that growth continues in the economy, Gramm said.

Gramm took issue with the media and their role in declining consumer confidence. "Misery sells newspapers," Gramm said. "Thank God the economy is not as bad as you read in the newspaper every day." He is right about that. With unemployment very low and a recent higher than predicted earnings reported by Wal-Mart, things are not as bad as the media wants you to believe.

Gramm ignorance stems from not recognizing that there are millions of Americans struggling to keep their head above water. Sure they may be employed, but their home values have dwindled, $4.25 gasoline is eating away at the family budget and credit is harder to obtain. Do I need to mention health care and the financial markets fearing an Obama Presidency of higher taxes. The latter you only hear on the financial networks.

Simply put you can't tell working Americans who have seen gasoline skyrocket 40% over the past year and double in the past five years that everything is Kosher. You also can't tell people whose income rises about 3% a year, while the actual cost of living is closer to 10%, that the economy is fine. I won't even go into the woes facing states such as Michigan and Ohio.

Gramm needs to exit the campaign. McCain needs to publicly boot his ass with Steve Forbes standing next him holding the door open.

Great Articles
A few must read articles for the honest thinker

Former under secretary of defense for policy Doug Feith, has a brilliantly written editorial in last week's Wall Street Journal that is a must read. Why We Went to War in Iraq sorts out the reality of why President Bush decided to remove Sadam Hussein and the problems he inherited due to the lack of action by President Clinton and the first President Bush.

Fortune magazine assistant managing editor Cait Murphy has an excellent article on recent legislation sponsored by Barack Obama. Obama flunks Econ 101 is one of the countless articles that expose Obama for being incompetent when it comes to economic issues. If you believe that Obama has the answers to the financial woes facing America. Ask yourself what are his proposed solutions. Sadly his only answer right now is raising taxes, attacking big business and ignorant legislation such as the one in the above mentioned piece.



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