Friday, July 18, 2008

Shabbat Shalom 15 Tamuz 5768

The Moshiach is coming to Israel!
Will Katie Couric see Obama walk on water?

This past week America witnessed the journalism profession take a turn for the worse, which your Brilliant Blogger never thought was possible. All three major networks have decided to no longer hide their liberal-bias and is openly assisting Barack Obama in his quest for the White House. What was once an occupation that's objectivity was a founding value of what America was built on has become a leftist political entity that might as well be on Barack Obama's campaign payroll.

CBS, NBC and ABC aren't just sending reporters to cover the Democratic Presidential nominee trip abroad to the Middle East, Europe as well as a visit with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are sending their prime time news anchors, which means regardless of any developing stories, during Obama's trip, his meetings and rallies will be the top story of the day.

GOP nominee John McCain was in Israel and Europe in March, after he sewed up the nomination. Not only did the network anchors stay home, McCain's trip never even made it's way to the networks as a leading story.

However with Obama traveling abroad the chance to make him look Presidential can't be left to his handlers who have in recent weeks made him look more amateur than normal. The networks themselves want to make sure Obama looks the Presidential part, appearing as a great statesman as he meets with world leaders and rock star size crowds.

However is there another motive besides their desire for him to be President of the United States?

With Obama traveling to Israel maybe they will get to see their Messiah in biblical action. Will Katie Couric get to see Obamessiah walk on water at Sea of Galilee? Maybe Brian Williams will witness his saviour part the Red Sea. Lets not forget Charlie Gibson who won't believe his own eyes as his Obamaness turns water into wine.

I'm sure my readers have had a nice chuckle at the above paragraph, but what isn't funny is the con-game being played on the American public by the mainstream press. The camera lens of the network news, broadcast images of Obama with rose colored filters. Conservative talk-show hosts refer to their treatment of him as if he was the Messiah. If you look at the literal definition of the term "moshiach" literally means "the anointed one," and refers to the ancient practice of anointing kings. If Obama isn't treated like a soon to be King by the press in this country, Rush Limbaugh doesn't have a big ego.

Since Progressives tend to be atheists or agnostics, they are most likely unaware of the consequences of their messianic dreams about Obama. The notion of an innocent, divine or semi-divine being who will sacrifice himself to save us from the consequences of our own sins is only a Christian concept. In it's original Hebrew meaning, the word "moshiach" does not mean "savior," as Christians tend to believe. As I said it means "anointed one," but it means so as anointed as king in the End of Days. I hope I don't have to explain what that means.



At 7/19/2008 9:09 AM , Blogger Jeff Morton said...

Paulie, your very last paragraph in deed, very 2nd to last sentence may have more of an amazing correlation then most realize. I pray and pray feverishly that Israel does not suffer a huge tragedy very, very soon.

The telling of this episode, should it occur will speak volumes to me about this particular election.
Pray for Israel.....


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