Monday, July 14, 2008

Iran Lies, Investors Cry and Oil Rise

Photoshop forces oil market to panic
Iran B.S. missile test with doctored photo/video

Friends of your brilliant blogger are well aware of my ability to utilize my computer skills to create fun and entertaining photographs. Those who have been entertained by my Holiday cards will recall that my oldest son has met former Israel Prime Minister Aerial Sharon, refereed an infamous NBA game and been seen with famous starlets. Of course these photos were doctored by yours truly (actually Mrs. Brilliant Blogger), which any person who graduated the third grade could figure out.

Unfortunately the same technology that creates great entertainment can also be used to instill fear in millions of people and cause world financial markets to panic.

Iran recently conducted new missile tests claiming these weapons could reach Cairo, Istanbul and their favorite target Israel. With the prospect of Israel as well as the United States attacking Iran, this effort caused the oil market to immediately make up considerable price drops and climb to a new record high. Guess what? Iran was full of sh*t!

While oil markets were rising, media groups began questioning the validity of the Iranian test. First we heard reports that there was a missile too many. After publishing the doctored photo, which was issued by the Iranian state run news agency, American and European newspapers began pulling the photo once skepticism surfaced.

Now the highly respected independent national security website, claims that the photo and video issued are doctored images of a test conducted ten years ago.

Meanwhile, the world panics and Iran is embarrassed , but while they cry, they are making big deposits in their bank accounts because market speculators fear the worst.

The United States and Europe have no one to blame but themselves for higher prices. We permit a terrorist nation to dictate oil prices because we refuse to drill for oil within our own borders. In the states we complain about $4.00 a gallon prices as well as we should. Ironically Europe is paying double, while countries such as Italy and Turkey pay nearly three times as much.

Paulies Point readers know that I believe Iran poses a clear and present danger to Israel as well as the United States. They are the military and financial backbone of terrorism throughout the world. I can see why the world reacted the way they did after their so-called test. However, the words of Ronald Reagan, "trust but verify," must be the mantra when it comes to learning about future tests by Iran. If they do something, believe it for the moment, but verify to be certain.

Unfortunately I doubt the market speculators are willing to wait for verification. At the pumps we are at the mercy of Tehran.

Obama "Embarrassed" by Americans
You should learn Spanish, immigrants learn English by default

Barack Obama believes you shouldn't be concerned about immigrants learning English, "you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish," Obama said. The Illinois senator says he believes immigrants should learn English, but he passively says "they'll learn English," like there is a magic power the makes sure they learn English. Anybody who lives in an urban area knows that is not the case. Obviously Mr. Obama has never been to a Chicago area McDonald's drive-thru with his kids and had to repeat his order seven times.

Your brilliant blogger is almost thirty-eight years old and from the time I was seven I recall too many parents of my friends growing up, as well as my current next door neighbor being immigrants, not off the boat, but in the United States for decades and barely learning a word of English. Obama's belief that somehow immigrants all learn English eventually is either a sign that he's back on the nose candy or it's another one of the countless examples of how naive he is.

As a parent I am personally offended by some elitist bureaucrat trying to tell me how to raise my children. I shouldn't have to worry about whether or not my children learn Spanish. If I want them to learn a second language that is my choice. Also, I will determine what language they learn. My children already know some Spanish courtesy of Nickelodeon and Sesame Street and I'm happy they do. But it was my decision to permit them to watch these educational programs.

If my children should learn any language it should be Chinese (Cantoneese). As the global economy grows, China has already become a dominant economic force. When my children are adults they may be more powerful than the United States financially speaking.

My children will also learn sign-language. Our synagogue teaches sign because we proudly serve the hearing impaired community. Sign language is a universal form of communication.

Obama's comments can only be described as offensive to all citizens of the United States as well as immigrants legally in America and making the effort to learn English. Once again a Progressive makes a statement about why America should be more like Europe and that mom and dad shouldn't decide how to raise their children, bureaucrats in Washington should.

Wake up America this guy isn't ready to be President of a Condo Board Association let alone President of the United States of America. The fact that he is my senator is tragic enough.



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