Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday America

Proud to be an American
So many heroes, to many foes

Is the word hero over-used in the United States? I don't think so. Some believe that Americans grant hero status to often, I believe we don't offer it enough as we continue to take the freedom and liberty provided for us by these brave men and women for granted.

Your already thinking to yourself that this will be another article talking about how great the men and women who serve in the armed forces are. You are partially correct. People who defend our country, way of life and fight to defend her at home and abroad can never be thanked enough. So your damn right I want to point out for the countless time how grateful I am to the men and women fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and who have in the past and are currently serving in our nations military. You are truly heroes to us all.

We must also recognize the brave souls who put on the police and firefighter uniform. Everyday these individuals go to work not knowing for certain if they will be coming home at the end of their shift. As a 9-1-1 dispatcher in my professional life, I know first hand the risks they take and danger they may face at any given moment. My fellow dispatchers serve the public as the very first responder to any given emergency situation. We serve as your lifeline no matter what life-threatening emergency you may face. I salute them and remind them that we never got into this line of work for accolades or notoriety. We just want to be able to say that the public is safe under our watch.

As Election-Day 2008 approaches, America is lucky that the two men seeking the Presidency are heroes in their own right. Sen. John McCain (R) may arguably be the greatest American hero alive today. His service to our country is second to none and his story is a profile in courage.

Sen. Barack Obama (D) is the first African American to be the Presidential nominee of a major American political Party. Like or dislike Obama's politics his achievement is remarkable and he should be a hero to millions of black children in America who so desperately need positive male role-model they can look up too. There is no denying his unique accomplishment and how his nomination may be the final barrier overcome to true racial equality in America.

However the foes of America will fight racial harmony. I am referring to poverty-pimps such as Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and Minister Louis Farrakhan, who need to keep their people impoverish so they can continue to make a living and matter so to speak. These men profit from racial injustice, while others such as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the Rev. Fred Phelps blatantly profess their hatred for this country for whatever reason fits their profiteering agenda.

On Independence Day I feel it is important to remind my readers that even Americans who are ungrateful or even hate America are themselves a reminder of how great this country is. They have the freedom to show their disdain or voice hatred for others without fear of being prosecuted by the government.

A recent column in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Chris Satullo is a great example of Freedom in America. Satullo's piece 'A not-so-glorious Fourth' is the words of a man who is ashamed of his country. "This year, America doesn't deserve to celebrate its birthday. This Fourth of July should be a day of quiet and atonement," Satullo writes. "For we have sinned."

Satullo points out what he believes are the faults of America mostly connected to the war on terror. He has a right to his leftist-suicidal diatribe. Weak-minded individuals such as him always forget why their argument is wrong. Because they can make it in public, criticising this country to no end without fear of imprisonment, torture or execution.

God Bless America

Rezko, Obama and Chicago Corruption
The latest must read by Abraham Miller

If John McCain had the same connection to recently convicted political money-man Antoin "Tony" Rezko as Barack Obama, he would of never made it past Iowa. However when the mainstream press can be described as Obama loyalists, it's disturbing what will get swept under the rug to help get their anointed savior in the White House.

University of Cincinnati emeritus professor of political science, Abraham Miller (uncle Abe) has recently published a new article exposing the truth about Obama's relationship with Rezko and how this so called agent of change is just another political tool of the Democratic Machine of Chicago.

Check out Rezko, Obama, the Chicago Combine: Corruption We Can Believe In. It will give you a perspective not found on MSNBC, CBS or in the New York Times.



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