Monday, June 30, 2008

Camp David with the Devil

Bush Hosts Abu Dhabi Crown Prince
anti-Semite, human trafficker and torturer enjoying America

Nobody in their right mind would ever accuse President Bush of being anti-Semitic and an endorser of abusing woman and children. During his two-terms as President he has been the best friend Israel ever had and he has heightened awareness of human rights violations occurring in Africa and the Arab world. So why would he entertain a raving anti-Semite who permits human trafficking and has personally committed unspeakable acts of torture?

There can only be two-logical answers and only one of them could possibly have any real benefit. Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates is already a big contributor to the Presidential Library of William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton, so now it's President Bush's turn at hitting the Sheik up for a seven or eight digit contribution to his own standing legacy.

Without a doubt Vanity is the sin that "all other sins arise from." Sadly the need to matter or be remembered for powerful people too often trumps what is right and moral. That last statement basically describes all of Washington, but it's especially disappointing when the person is a President who has always done what he believed was right, not what was popular. As his Presidency nears it's end, he is undoubtedly concerned about how he will be remembered and the Library that will bear his name.

I did mention that a second less disappointing rationale may be the reason he is hosting such a vile human being...oil. No not for the reasons the far-left would like you to believe such as profit for Bush's friends in the oil industry who happen to contribute more money to Democrats than Republicans. Maybe President Bush believes the Sheik can assist in helping bring the price of oil down.

When free market and limited government advocates such as your brilliant blogger mention the benefits of domestic oil drilling, one of the benefits that is often lost and undoubtedly hidden by the Al Gore crowd, is how buying foreign oil funds anti-Semitic, anti-America and terrorist sponsoring governments. The Sheik falls into these categories. However maybe the President has an ace or two he can pull out of his sleeve and make the Sheik see the benefits of him helping drive down oil prices.

Reality dictates that there is no way to avoid dealing with shady characters when you are the leader of the free world. However if you have to invite the scum of the earth to the United States, I would prefer the meeting take place in a New Jersey Brothel than Camp David. Knowing the Sheik and how he treats women, he may prefer that as well.

As long as the United States uses Middle East oil, we are forced to have relationships with people who abuse and mutilate women, finance terrorists, torcher for pleasure and sell children into slavery. I only hope that President Bush is meeting this spawn of Satan for the purpose of benefiting America not his own legacy. Don't need another President infatuated with his own vanity.

Chicago Tribune article should be editorial
Bias article rips Justice Roberts for supporting the constitution

There was once a time over a half century ago that the Chicago Tribune was viewed as a far-right fascist publication. In the 1960's the publication took a noticeable turn becoming more objective, developing a right leaning centrist reputation. By the 1990's the newspaper was given the nickname the "Libune" after becoming blatantly left wing.

In recent times the editorial pages have presented themselves to be centrist with maybe a slight tilt toward the left. Political corruption/pay to play politics of the Democratic machine running Chicago city hall and the administration of Gov. Blagojevich has been unable to escape the local news and editorial pages of the publication. However this past Saturday, Washington bureau Supreme Court reporter James Oliphant was able to write and publish a piece that was listed as an article in the "Nation" section of the paper when it should of been labeled a commentary or editorial.

"Roberts' record on high court defies '05 pledges of centrism," was a blatant attack against Supreme Court Chief Justice for obviously not voting the way Oliphant believes he should be. He writes that Roberts is "a reliable member of the Supreme Court's right flank—rarely, if ever, disagreeing with its positions on civil rights, gun control, the death penalty, affirmative action and a host of other issues." The fact that in these votes Roberts sided with the constitution not a left or right agenda never comes up in the publishing.

While it is undoubtedly true that Roberts has sided with what is perceived to be the conservative side of the court, the reality is that in your brilliant bloggers opinion, he almost always votes to uphold the constitution and the intentions of it's framers.

The truth is that Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, Souter and Stevens have a long history of liberal voting and in the case of Ginsburg, she tends to ignore the constitution all together voting the far-left opinion every time. Those facts apparently weren't important enough to dedicate an article or commentary too.

Oliphant is entitled to his opinion and is also entitled to express it. But do so in a commentary. When doing an article you have an obligation to be objective and present all sides, which is missing from the piece.

Editorial Page Editor Bruce Dold take notice. You may have a rogue Supreme Court reporter trying to pass his opinion off as fact. Consider giving him a few paragraphs every so often to vent his views and maybe he can go back to objective reporting of the courts. The last thing you need is a Jennifer Hunter on your hands.

Dangerous Dan Seals Machine Connections
Congressional candidate is just a Democratic pawn

When Dan Seals (D) ran against congressman Mark Kirk (R) two years ago, he was recruited by convicted felon Bob Creamer, who happens to be married to the first lady of the Illinois Democratic Party, Rep. Jan Schakowsky. At the time Democrats were desperate to find a candidate after state sen. Susan Garrett decided not to challenge Kirk.

Seals was a political novice who didn't even reside in the district he was running in and it was unclear if he was gainfully employed. Seals to the credit of GOP incompetence was able to make a race out of it losing by 7 points compared to 30 by his predecessors.

Today Dangerous Dan is back once again trying to unseat Kirk. He still doesn't live in the district, his work credentials are questionable and he is still chummy with the Queen of Socialism rep. Schakowsky and her felon husband fast Bobby.

Recently a video has surfaced exposing a few of Seals machine connections in the terribly corrupt 43rd ward of Chicago. As a resident of the 10Th congressional district, the last thing I want happening to the community I'm raising my children in is to see those values brought to my front yard.

Sadly 10Th congressional Democrats tend to excuse and ignore these corrupt practices, viewing the (D) next to the name as the only thing that matters. Then again what do you expect from liberals who were raised or reside in Cook County.



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