Friday, December 01, 2006

Shabbat Shalom 10 Kislev 5767


If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I truly believe every dark cloud has a silver lining. The recent controversy regarding former Seinfeld star Michael Richards using the "N" word in a blatantly angry and hateful manner has once again brought the dreaded word to the forefront of American Society. Richards in a desperate attempt to save his career asked for help and forgiveness from the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Nobody craves the spotlight more than Jackson and nobody knows how to milk the media more than the Reverend. Jackson has gathered civil rights leaders and entertainers together calling for an all out ban of the "N" word.

My question to Jackson, the NAACP, Hip-Hop community and almost every African American comedian with the exception of Bill Cosby...why now? What has changed in the past two weeks besides Michael Richards racist tirade that has made you want to wage war against the "N" word? Twenty years of hip-hop music and culture glorifying the word was not bad enough. The fact that African American children are numb to any negative connotations attached to the word was not a wake up call. But a white guy caught on a cell phone camera using the word while being angry at patrons of a comedy club is sounding the alarm bells.

I do believe in the notion, better late than never and I hope the African American community can successfully terminate this disgusting word from the American vocabulary. Unfortunately, those leading the charge such as the Reverend Jackson and the Hip-Hop community have nothing to gain by ridding society of the word. Jackson is to the African American community as what Yasser Arafat was to the Palestinians. They are leaders who supposedly fought for the betterment of their people, but in reality played key roles in keeping them oppressed by promoting anger and hate toward the supposed oppressors. Jackson has no interest in getting rid of the "N" word...he thrives on it.

Middle East Cease Fire Defined
Jimmy Carter Continues his campaign against Israel

According to Hamas, Hezbollah, CNN, Jimmy Carter and the New York Times here is the definition of a cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians; Israel agrees to allow Palestinian militants to fire rockets and missiles into civilian neighborhoods, regardless of injured or dead Jews, Israel is not allowed to hunt the militants down or use any force to defend themselves. Once again Israel and the so-called Palestinian Government agree to a cease-fire and once again within hours Kassam rockets have been fired from Gaza at the western Negev, most of which landed in or near the town of Sderot. On Thursday Juveniles from Sderot protested in front of the Prime Minister's house demanding security from attacks against their town.

While the world continues to be silent over the obvious cease-fire violations, former President Jimmy Carter is promoting his new book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid." Once again Carter refuses to address the Terrorism perpetuated against Israel and even goes as far as to condone the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier. Click on the above link to read his most recent interview with Judy Woodruff and learn for yourself how Carter simply wants to blame the Jews and continues to do the dirty work of Hamas, deceiving the world into believing they are willing to recognize Israel's right to exist.

I can honestly say without a shred of doubt, Jimmy Carter has become an enemy of Israel and a threat toward the very existence of the Jewish people.

Pope in Turkey

When Pope Benedict XVI quoted a 14th century Christian emperor who characterized the Prophet Muhammad's teachings as "evil and inhuman," he knew that even though he was not condoning the remarks millions of Muslims would use the incident as an excuse to express their hatred toward Christianity. I believe this was the response he expected and we now know, he got it.

This week Benedict began his mission to heal the wounds between Christianity and Islam by visiting Turkey, a "moderate" Muslim country. He has been met by protests and death threats on nearly every leg of his visit. What makes the threats against his life ironic and more shameful is that he came to Turkey with a message of understanding and sympathy. "Islamophobia hurts all Muslims," Benedict told the Islamic community when he arrived. The highest profile Christian in the world is telling Muslims how he understands their concerns about hatred toward them, but they continue to respond by calling for his death.

Benedict has been impressive when it comes to holding his ground. He has refused to wear a safety-vest and is almost always in open-air viewing. He has asked that religious tolerance be a two-way street. While in Turkey he has met with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians. Together they are asking for Muslim nations to allow non-Islamic faiths to be able to openly pray in public. Islamic countries do not permit other faiths to publicly worship.

The undeniable truth is that no matter what Pope Benedict XVI does to mend the fences with Islam, he will be met with anger and hate. Many Muslims and Islamic clerics want to see the Pope succeed in his mission of good faith. However, they are drowned out by the louder, violent voices that preach the murder of those who don't believe as they do. Benedict is extending a hand in friendship and tolerance, hoping to get the same in return. Unfortunately, the other hand has a dagger in it.

Sports Weekend

NCAA Saturday

#8 Oklahoma hosts #18 Nebraska in what is always a great match up. The Sooners are a 4 point favorite against the Cornhuskers and are still looking for the respect they deserve. Look for Oklahoma to cover the points, 28-17.

The game everyone is watching is undoubtedly #2 USC traveling to arch rival UCLA. USC needs to win this game to play for the national title and I believe they will easily cover the 4.5 point line with a 38-13 victory.

NFL Sunday

Indianapolis is a 7.5 point favorite traveling to Tennesse. The Colts can't put their guard down if they want home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Look for the Colts to easily cover the spread, 31-17.

San Diego will keep up their winning ways as they head toward freezing Buffalo as a 6 point favorite. The Chargers will cover, 24-13.



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