Friday, November 17, 2006

Shabbat Shalom 26 Cheshvan 5767

God Bless Milton Friedman

The world lost a brilliant man on Thursday. Nobel Prize winning Economist Milton Friedman died at the age of 94. The man who greatly influenced President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher championed Free Market principles promoting the ideas of individual freedom instead of government control. Friedman influenced not only include President's and Prime Ministers, but fellow economists including Federal Reserve Chairman's Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernake.

Friedman has been credited for bringing inflation under control in Chile, creating the personal retirement accounts in Sweden and the flat-tax system in Russia. Friedman spent most of his academic career as a Professor at the University of Chicago developing the highly regarded Chicago School of monetary economics, known for theories associated with free-market libertarianism. In recent years he endorsed the idea of the government having an inflationary target number and strongly endorsed President Bush's Social Security reform efforts.

``He has used a brilliant mind to advance a moral vision: the vision of a society where men and women are free, free to choose, but where government is not as free to override their decisions,'' President Bush said in a May 2002 speech at the White House to honor Friedman on his 90th birthday. ``All of us owe a tremendous debt to this man's towering intellect and his devotion to liberty." Rest in peace Milton Friedman. Brilliance has left the building.

Dennis the Menace

There are very few politicians that I despise more than Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH). If you don't recall who congressman Kucinich is please allow me to refresh your memory. Remember during the 2004 Democratic Primary for President, there was a candidate who looked like a Keebler Elf in a suit, that was Kucinich. When he is not making those great tasting graham cracker cookies covered in fudge, he is doing everything in his power to undermine the security of our country. When the phrase cut and run Democrats was first stated, Kucinich is exactly who they had in mind. He recently talked to the media network Democracy Now and called for the immediate cutting of funds for the war in Iraq. Kucinich who never supported the Patriot act, claimed this past September that the Bush administration is preparing to wage war against Iran. Kucinich on a website statement warned America about the pending invasion, stating the President was going to use the same scare tactics he used to justify the war with Iraq to convince Americans war must be waged against Iran. He also asked for a "generous donation" to his re-election campaign in the same statement.

Kucinich is a former co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which mostly contain Socialists and the blame America first crowd, which Kucinich definitely belongs too. The Ohio congressman often votes against Israel and in 2003 received the highest ranking of the Arab American Institute. Kucinich visited Qana, Lebanon reporting back the alleged destruction the Israeli military caused, while defending themselves in the recent war with Hezbollah. During the war Kucinich was an outspoken critic of Israel and how the Jewish State defended itself. Kucinich and his 3rd wife reported about the devastation that took place in Qana, but he conveniently never mentions the evidence suggesting that the devastation at Qana was staged by Hezbollah.

By no means does Kucinich represent the majority of Democrats, especially the newly elected moderates soon to take office. Unfortunately, he does represent the anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Capitalism Progressives that are the beloved by the big money players of the Democratic Party such as For decades Kucinich was adamantly pro-life, but conveniently changed his views to pro-choice when making his White House bid beginning in 2003.

In a post 9/11 world, Politicians such as Kucinich are simply dangerous. He has every right to disagree with the war in Iraq, but Kucinich doesn't believe the military option should ever be entertained regardless of the situation. Most Democrats want to set a timetable or change course in Iraq, Kucinich wants to simply cut off funding and use the money in the current channels to cut and run now. Beware of the Elf, he doesn't always make cookies or build toys. He brings destruction.

Oy Vey, Stop your Kvetching

Nothing corrupts more than power and the in-house bickering within the Democratic Party is serving as a great example. Democrats captured 28 or 29 House seats at last count, but some Democratic power players are downplaying the outcome, claiming it should of been closer to 40 or 50 seats. Democratic strategist and Shrek look-a-like, James Carville has been the most noted unsatisfied Democrat. The former Clinton Campaign Honcho referred to DNC Chairman Howard Dean's leadership as "Rumsfeldian in its incompetence.” Meanwhile, Liberal Bloggers claim they deserve more credit instead of Rep. Rahm Emanuel and Sen. Charles Schumer, each headed the re-election committees of the House and Senate.

Admittedly, Carville does make a some good points. Dean decided to put money into Party building in all 50 states. He could of utilized those funds among the additional 20-25 House Seats lost that where considered in play. I believe if Democratic candidate Dan Seals (IL-10) would of been seen on television a month earlier and had another 100k, he could of defeated incumbent Mark Kirk. Thank God that didn't happen.

The finger-pointing as described by the Liberal Bible, better known as the New York Times, is nothing more than power-hungry political hacks fearing their power within the Party is diminishing. The bloggers mostly preach to the choir, rarely changing political opinion. They do however, help driver the agenda and the anti-war rhetoric they spewed was helpful in setting the election tone. However, the bottom line is that the Dems gained control of the House and Senate under Dean, Emauel and Schumer. Could of they done better? Maybe. However, they also could of done a lot worse.

The real question the Dems should ask themselves is "did we really win anything, did we change minds?" The answer is no. The Democrats never offered any ideas or alternative strategies. They ran on not being the GOP. They ran against an unpopular war and a GOP base angry with the scandal, bloated government and a do-nothing congress. Immigration, Iraq, and Social Security Reform are all topics that the Republican base has been disappointed with.

Now we watch and see what the Democrats come up with. My guess will be tax increases, more spending and amnesty for illegal immigrants. New ideas, no chance. Democrats haven't had an original idea since the McGovern campaign, which was tax and spend. I expect the same...but wait

Incoming House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, campaigned hard behind the scenes for John Murtha (PA) to become Majority Whip. However her colleagues quashed her request and overwhelmingly elected Steny Hoyer (MD). Hoyer is viewed as moderate and received a large majority of the incoming freshmen support. As speaker Pelosi will have a bully pulpit to push for tax increases and defense spending cuts. However, the moderate Dems, which include most of the freshmen class are fiscal conservatives and pro military. They won't abide by her far-left ideas, especially if they want to have any chance of getting re-elected in 2008. Divided government does have it's rewards.

Weekend Sports

Despite my delay in publishing my blog last weekend, Paulies Point went a respectable 2-2. This weekend is a dream for sports fan, especially on the college football front.

NCAA Saturday:

It's the game of the year and in the eyes of many the National Championship. #1 Ohio State hosts #2 Michigan. The Buckeyes are a 6.5 point favorite at home, but not only will they not cover the spread, they will loose the game to the Wolverines outright, 24-23.

The Irish kool-aid is being sampled by the Notre Dame faithful who believe that they are back in the running to be National Champs. That is why the 32 point spread favoring the Fighting Irish will be covered against Army. The Irish need to run up the score to make their case for the Championship game. 45-9 Notre dame.

NFL Sunday:

Tampa Bay is a 3 point favorite against Washington. I expect the Bucs to rebound from their Monday Night loss, covering the spread with a 24-17 victory.

Oakland travels to Kansas City finding themselves a 9.5 underdog. The Chiefs have been disappointing this season with or without QB Trent Green. They will win this game, but not cover the spread. 21-17 Kansas City.

Bonus Game: New England is a 6.5 point favorite traveling to Green Bay. Look for the Packers to win this game, 27-24 Packers.



At 11/17/2006 1:52 PM , Anonymous Lou said...


The 32 point spread would be covered because Army sucks. Regardless, the Irish play a puff schedule with few real opponents every year. Even if they blow out Army 100-0 and finish with only 1 loss, they still shouldn't make it in over other 1-loss teams like Michigan/Ohio State/Florida/USC.


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