Monday, November 27, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 11/28/06

Monday Morning Quarterback

My apologies for not having my second edition of Monday Morning Quarterback actually available on Monday. When your a father of two you can't guarantee availability to do anything except be there for your children. In the future check back Monday's for MMQ, but there is always a chance it will be rolled into the following days Tuesdays with Paulie.

Not a bad weekend for Paulies Point, 2-2. We won the Indy and Louisville game, blew the Notre Dame contest and just missed with the Bears. 2006 has been a fascinating year for Football on the college and professional level. Ohio State has dominated the collegiate ranks all year long. Michigan had climbed to number 2 in the BCS rankings with USC right behind as well as Notre Dame, Louisville, Florida, Texas and a few others. Ohio State barely escapes Michigan at home and USC defeats Notre Dame, so the championship game will be between OSU and USC.

Personally I still want to see Michigan play Ohio State on a neutral field for the Championship. However, USC undoubtedly has earned the right to play for the National Championship. It must not be forgotten during this incredibly competitive year of college ball, what would the rankings read if Oklahoma wasn't royally screwed by incompetent officiating?

2006 serves as another example of why college football needs a playoff system or tournament. In 1992 I wrote a column in college making my case for a 16 team tournament. 14 years later I still contend we need a tournament, but with the current BCS system, take the top eight teams and have them fight it out. Will some teams get a raw deal? Yes! However, no system will be perfect, but most importantly an undisputed National Champion will prevail and that is most important. In January we will see a great championship game, but always ask what if Michigan played Ohio State on a neutral field? I believe the Wolverines would win.

As far as the NFL! Who is the obvious best team or two teams? It is impossible to say who is the clear cut leader. In the NFC the Bears have the best record and defense, but a young QB who has played very well, but still makes rookie mistakes. The Cowboys suddenly look invincible after beating Indianapolis and starting QB Tony Romo. Seattle has Shaun Alexander back, so they are back to their old form. Meanwhile, the Giants are falling apart, the Eagles lost Donovan McNabb, Falcon Michael Vick is giving fans the finger and some weeks the New Orleans Saints look like the 85 Bears or the 85 Packers.

In the AFC the Colts have only one loss, but they do not have a championship caliber defense, not close. The Patriots are starting to look like the team that won 3 Super bowls. The Ravens have a well balanced team with a superb defense. The Chargers offense is comparable to the Colts with a better defense. The Bengals can beat or lose to anyone every week, Kansas City is slowly coming back to form, Denver has a QB controversy and the defending Superbowl champs Steelers...suck. The only undeniable winner in 2006 are the football fans.

Basketball, College Rules!

In case you missed it, college basketball has started. Get used to hearing me rant and rave about the only basketball worth talking about, NCAA hoops. The NBA sucks and that is the last you will hear from me about Professional B-Ball.

Right now UCLA and Ohio State find themselves #1 in different polls. Pittsburgh is also in the top 3 ready keeping pace with an undefeated record. The early Cinderella team this season are the Butler Bulldogs. This small school out of Indianapolis is ranked in the top twenty in both the AP and Coaches Poll. Never underestimate anything related to basketball in the Hoosier state.

Right now catch the current ACC/Big Ten challenge tournament. Indiana takes on Duke tonight as well as Illinois vs. Maryland. It's always fun to watch the two best college basketball conferences go head to head.

Check back tomorrow for my take on the Pope's visit to Turkey and the Hypocrisy surrounding the trip.



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