Friday, November 24, 2006

Shabbat Shalom 3 Kislev 5767

Exploding Grandma

The World of Palestinian suicide bombers reached a new low when a 68 year old female, grandmother of 41 decided to blow herself up near 3 Israeli soldiers. Fatma Omar an-Najar cowardly attempt at murder failed to kill anyone, except herself slightly wounding the IDF soldiers. Grandma was recruited by Hamas and was their first claimed attack in two years. An-Najar was not the only female suicide bomber to go Kaboom in the Gaza strip. On November 6th a recruit of Islamic Jihad also blew herself up in an attempt to murder Jews.

As disgusting as this news is know one should be surprised. Palestinians and most Arab countries teach children in grade school that it is their duty to murder Jews and becoming a suicide bomber is a great honor. Israelis live with this knowledge everyday. Americans are oblivious to the fact that many of these same nations, who are supposed allies, teach children in public school to hate America and conduct Jihad against Jews, Christians and America. Can't be all that surprising that a grandmother of 41 decided to lead by example.

Our Russian Allies?

Whenever I hear liberals complain that the Bush administration doesn't work enough with our supposed allies, I want to grab the person, shove their face in dog shit and say "No!" Liberals believe that our unilateral approach to solving certain problems is why the world "hates us" as they like to put it. The truth is that countries like Russia and France are what I like to call "Allies In Name Only or Aino's. They have one objective and it isn't world peace. Their interest is purely power and economics. As we speak the Russians are selling air-defense systems to Iran, which will be placed around nuclear facilities. The Putin government is also sending over their Nuclear chief to Tehran for economic talks.

Vladimir Putin could care less if Iran attacked Israel or the United States for that matter. As long as he can sell arms to the highest bidder and increase his power on the world stage, his goals are met. The far-left always blames greed and profit for wars. To an extent they are right. However, they blame American companies only, conveniently forgetting that U.S. firms mainly sell to the United States and will be sanctioned for selling to nations or other companies on the sanction list.

We already know that while Iraq with Sadam Hussein was under multiple United Nations embargo's including weapons, Russia and France continued business dealings with Baghdad. In the recent Israel/Hezbollah war, IDF soldiers confiscated Russian made weapons sold to Syria and Iran, which where given to Hezbollah guerrillas.

Are all U.S allies willing to put America in harms way for power and profit? Absolutely not. We may not see eye to eye with everyone on every issue, but nations such as Britain, Australia, Japan, Germany and Italy still have our back. However, with friends such as Russia and France, who needs enemies.

Sports Weekend

College Saturday: Notre Dame travels to southern California as 7.5 point underdogs to USC. This game has has huge national title ramifications. A USC win should guarantee them a spot in the title game against Ohio State. If Notre Dame wins, Michigan should get their rematch against OSU, unless Notre Dame wins by a very large margin, they will have a slim shot at the title game. Take Notre Dame with the points. It's hard to predict a winner, but I will say that a last second field goal by either team is a big possibility.

#8 Louisville heads to Pittsburg as 11.5 point favorites. Dave Wannstedt job is on the line as he desperately needs to pull off an upset to keep it. Pitt was expected to be great this year, but under the Wanny regime has been disappointing. Don't be surprised the ex-Bear head coach is an incompetent. I like Louisville to cover with a 31-10 victory.

NFL Sunday

The Colts come off their first loss of he season finding themselves a 9 point favorite hosting the Eagles. With Donovan McNabb out for Philly the Eagles are screwed. Take Indy and the points, 31-17.

My Bears are a 3 point underdog traveling to New England. This game is all about the Quarterbacks. If Rex Grossman plays well the Bears should win. If Tom Brady can handle the Bears Defense, the Patriots should win. I'm going with the idea that both men will have play well, so Defense will win out. Take Chicago and the points, 23-21 Bears.



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